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“Li’l Summer Imp”

My elfen little Penny by Linda Macario is here to show you her new summery ensemble.  She has a brand new sundress, embroidered sweater, and cute coordinating accessories.

For me, this is the perfect time of year for a cool true blue in a medium shade, and this print matches Penny’s beautiful blue eyes perfectly!  She’s ready to play in the garden and discover what’s new.  Hopefully, she’ll find some yellow roses growing in the rose garden.

li'l summer imp 681

li'l summer imp 680

li'l summer imp 675

Penny’s wool sweater is embroidered with two motifs that coordinate with the dress’s print.  Would you believe I went through ALL of my beads looking for this sweater’s buttons?  And, I have A LOT of beads; I was ready to give up finding the perfect ones.  These lemon yellow translucent large seed beads were a find, they’re perfect.

li'l summer imp 670

Penny’s sundress is a new design for her.  I added the halter tie to fall at her shoulder/arm joint to accent her cute round shoulders.  I love using crocheted chains for tying hair ties, and in this case, the halter strap.  The crocheted chains stay tied nicely and are easy to untie, even when in a knot.

The asymmetrical yellow rose on the bodice is balanced by the hand made white ribbon bow on the skirt.  Penny’s hair tie matches this bow too.

li'l summer imp 649

li'l summer imp 707

Penny is wearing boyshort panties, so she can play without a care in the world.  They have tiny embroidered flowers on each leg for a feminine touch.  Penny’s little flower, magic wand, or lollipop is totally hand made with glass beads.  A white bow was secured with needle and thread when I added the silver toned heart charm.

li'l summer imp 666

li'l summer imp 693

Penny’s “Li’l Summer Imp” ensemble will be available tonight (July 31, 2016) at 7:00 pm CST,  Check the “Shop What’s New” page at that time for more details.

Portraits of My Girls

I was looking around at my old photos this morning and stumbled upon a folder that contained casual shots of my girls.  In these photos the clothing wasn’t the focus, the dolls’ faces were . . . and I was struck by how gorgeous they all are.  I am so fortunate to have these girls in my collection and to be able to create for them.

My dolls come from different doll makers and artists, but I love them all.  I gathered some of my favorite photos for you to enjoy.

alice 933

Alice by Dianna Effner/Nelly Valentino

little darling gina 2012 719

Gina by Diana Effner/Geri Uribe

lucy 396

Lucy by Dianna Effner/Helen Skinner

gracie 231

Gracie by Kaye Wiggs

talyssa holiday darling 3398

Talyssa by Kaye Wiggs

blue skies, sunny days 795

Millie by Kaye Wiggs

penny 463

Penny by Linda Macario

amelia pixie hat 717

Amelia Thimble by Wilde Imagination


Remy by Pamela Macy


Alisha by Helen Kish



Patsy by Tonner


Bethany by Helen Kish

summertime roses 580

Patience by Wilde Imagination

If you’d like more information on they dolls that model my ensembles you can visit the FAQ page on my website.

Hope you enjoyed!  Bye for now!

“Summertime Roses” for Patience

I don’t have many roses blooming on my three rosebushes (I may have deadheaded them too vigorously) right now, so it’s a good thing they are blooming on Patience’s dress.  I really am not good with roses. *sigh* 😦

Anyway, on a brighter note, Patience is here to relieve your rose withdrawal (if you, like me, have any).

summertime roses 518

summertime roses 535

Patience’s tiny sweater is hand knit with the finest lace weight yarn I have in my stash, a blend of baby alpaca and silk.  The embroidered bouquet on Patience’s sweater is “tied” with a silk ribbon embroidered bow.  Her sweater buttons are glass pearls.

summertime roses 552

Silk ribbons also decorate the waistline of Patience’s dress.

summertime roses 578

summertime roses 591

I quickly took the photo below during the golden hour, just before sundown.  I noticed how beautiful the light was getting and wanted to capture it.  I literally had minutes before it got too dark.

 summertime roses 628

Patience’s bracelet is part of her crocheted clutch purse.  It really opens and closes and can hold a tiny treasure.  Her pearl headband is crocheted with the same pink cotton as used for her clutch.

summertime roses 512

Patience’s “Summertime Roses” ensemble will be available tonight (July 27, 2016) at 7:00pm CST,  You can check the “Shop What’s New” page at that time for more details.

Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses today! 🙂