Daily Archives: July 6, 2016

“Garden Princess”

I crowned my Little Darling, Gina, the garden princess.  Her grace never fails to shine through on the thousands of photos I’ve taken of her over the years.  She’s a beauty, my oldest, and I am happy she’s a part of my ever growing Little Darling family.

Here she is modeling her new ensemble called “Garden Princess”.

garden princess 530

I love the violet-y pink shades in these two fabrics from the same collection.  The border print is the same design as “Beauty in Blue” made for my Kaye Wiggs Gracie.  The print has a totally different feel when done without the leaves and stems in green, doesn’t it?  I like them both, though, no preference.

garden princess 582

I didn’t have the right shade of pink, so I knit Gina’s sweater in white mohair/silk then hand dyed it in a very, very light rosy pink dye bath.  I think it dyed to the perfect shade and created a nice background for the embroidery.

garden princess 572

Here’s a close up of the embroidery.

garden princess 485

The accessories all came together perfectly for this ensemble.

garden princess 617

garden princess 500

garden princess 535

Gina has a bouquet put together just for you.  It features baby’s breath, tiny off white blossoms, and a cool pink rose blossom.  She tied her bouquet together with a bit of lace and pearl trim.

garden princess 550

“Garden Princess” will be available tonight (July 6, 2016) at 7:00 pm CST at cindyricedesigns.com.  Look for more information under the “Shop What’s New” tab at 7:00 pm.