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More Botanic Garden Photos & Gracie Too!

A happy Monday to you all!  Today is feeling like July again, hot and humid… and it’s still morning.  It will be a scorcher later!

Gracie was a little sad this morning since she was the first to lose her new outfit.  Talyssa graciously let her try on her “Garden Surprises” set.  I think she looks cute in it too.  I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so I said they look equally beautiful and sweet.  Who do you like better in this ensemble?

garden surprises 086

garden surprises 835

garden surprises 092

garden surprises 775

This ensemble is still available on my website.  Here is the direct link to the sales page.

Here are some more photos from our visit to the Chicago Botanic Gardens on Saturday.  My post from yesterday can be found here.  Today I have photos from the first gardens we went to as well as some entrance shots.  Enjoy!

After walking through the initial building where you’ll find a gift shop, information counter, and cafe, you will walk across this bridge to get to the gardens.

walkway bridge 894

You can see the cafe’s terrace from this bridge.

cafe 895

The Crescent is the first garden you see after crossing the bridge.  It is made up of curved terraced flower beds .  Over the years I’ve seen many wedding photos being taken here.

first garden 901

Next, we turned left and visited the Heritage Garden.  It is made up of more curved flower beds as well as circular ponds which are full of water lilies.

water lilies 902

Next, we visited the Rose Garden.  On the way there we walked down walkways with  huge hydrangea gardens.  I have serious hydrangea envy right now.  Aren’t they beautiful!

hydrangeas 909

snowball hydrangea 917

pink hydrangea 890

rose garden 919

The roses are planted to the left and right of the massive lawn with a shady trellis behind the fountain.

rose garden 920

The shade felt very welcome when we got to the trellis.  Baskets of pink geraniums hang from the walls.

rose garden trellis 940

Such a pretty fern growing through the trellis.

rose garden fern 931

I think these are the tiniest roses I’ve ever seen!

roses tiny 953

rose pink 926

rose 923

My favorite roses are the variegated varieties.

That’s all for today.  I best get some sewing accomplished!  I hope you all have a great Monday.  Thanks for visiting!