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Moving Slow, Moving Along

Do you remember this photo???

I took this photo before leaving for Florida an entire month ago!  Prior to leaving, I spent the week sewing dresses with the hope that I could knit the sweaters while away from my studio, which I did, but the finishing up seems to be taking forever; I am finding that it is hard to get back into the flow and feel of creating.

Today I am finally starting on the completion of the last ensemble.  My hope is that when Gina’s ensemble is finished I will be able to get back in the groove.

5 in dresses 847

Here are the other four finished ensembles (in case you missed them).  Alice is modeling the green floral ensemble called “Flower Picking”.  Alice arrived days after I returned home.  (I actually got notice from Nelly that Alice was complete somewhere on interstate 75 in Georgia.)  Lucy graciously let her new sister model this ensemble.  This outfit was purchased by Cara’s mom.  Cara’s photo is on my Facebook page here.

flower picking 013

Gracie’s ensemble called “Rose Trellis” was just completed late last week.

rose trellis 261

Here is Patsy’s “Bitsy Blossoms”.  It was purchased for Ann Estelle, but Bitty Bethany snatched it and doesn’t seem to want to take it off.  You can see my customer’s photo on my Facebook page here also.

bitsy blossoms 099

And, just completed is Millie’s “Cutie in the Garden” ensemble.  Millie’s ensemble is still available on my website here.

cutie in the garden 373

This is the progress on Gina’s ensemble so far.  I made a quick drawing of the embroidery design; we’ll see how closely I actually stick to the preliminary design.  I have the embroidery thread colors all picked out and ready to go, so this is my project for the day.

06-29-16 478

I wish you all a lovely day!  Bye for now.

“Cutie in the Garden”

Look who was roaming around the garden yesterday!  It’s Millie, my Kaye Wiggs 11″ BJD.

 Millie wanted to have her photo shoot in the grass, and surrounded by flowers.  I said okay, even though it’s physically harder to take photos “way down there”.  I thought I’d give it a shot though; I didn’t want to disappoint my tiny Millie.  I found the perfect spot in the shade of our apple tree and gave a small patch of lawn a hair cut, so she wouldn’t get swallowed up by grass.  I brought out my yoga mat to lay on, but sitting on the grass was the perfect height.  I was actually quite comfortable once I got situated.

cutie in the garden 373

You might recognize this fabric.  I used it for an ensemble for the Little Darlings earlier this year.  Here is Lucy modeling “Pink Happiness” in case you want to see it again.

cutie in the garden 383

Millie’s little cardigan is knit with blush pink lace weight baby alpaca/silk yarn.  It’s super soft!  Ivory/pink roses pink up the background ivory of the dress.  I added a tiny bit of pastel sky blue embroidery.  It’s in the print, but is very light.

cutie in the garden 434

Millie’s headband includes a crocheted ivory rose made with very fine cotton.  A hand made bow is tucked underneath the rose for added prettiness.

cutie in the garden 401

cutie in the garden 414

I haven’t used my park bench for a photo shoot in a long time.  I used to use it all the time when Bethany was getting lots of attention.  The seat is a little deep for Millie, but she tried very hard to sit up straight for me.

cutie in the garden 443

cutie in the garden 452

Millies is such a feminine little miss, isn’t she?

“Cutie in the Garden” will be available tonight (June 28, 2016), 7:00 pm CST at  At that time you can go to my “Shop What’s New” page for more information.

“Rose Trellis”

Coming to you from the garden is Gracie, my Kaye Wiggs MSD, to show you something new!

 I love “real” roses in this color, so when I saw this fabric . . . I had to purchase a piece to create an outfit with!  The meandering roses on this fabric are in warm red/salmon or warm pink colors and remind me of climbing roses on a trellis.  The background is a two-toned kind of mottled tan color.  I decided to accent this ensemble with crisp white cotton lace, a white cotton/Modal® sweater, and a white bamboo crocheted cap for a cool and crisp summery vibe.

rose trellis 261

I kept the sweater embroidery in mid-tones—not too dark or bright because there is so much movement in the dress print.

rose trellis 168

My new vintage looking resin roses were perfectly matched for this ensemble.  I used one for the cap and another for the bracelet.  I had ribbon, a glass heart, and roses in these warm red/salmon/pink shades.  They all look so pretty against pure white.

rose trellis 263.jpg

rose trellis 249.jpg

rose trellis 334

rose trellis 319

rose trellis 273

rose trellis 276

rose trellis 291

Gracie has a rose bouquet just for you!  She gives it to you with hugs.

“Rose Trellis” will be available Saturday (June 25, 2016), at 7:00 pm CST.  Check the “Shop What’s New” page at at that time, for more information.