Daily Archives: June 20, 2016

Alice is “Flower Picking”

My new Little Darling, Alice, is proving to be quite a dreamer and a lover of flowers.  I brought her outside for her first photo shoot and all she really wanted to do was meander through the garden and pick pretty pink flowers to match her dress.  Since this is her first time out in the garden I let her take her time, then it was down to the business of modeling her new ensemble.

flower picking 007

I must say that Alice is a natural at modeling with her sweet expression and sincere brown eyes.  What do you think?

flower picking 016

flower picking 040

flower picking 013

flower picking 961

flower picking 031

Alice’s “Flower Picking” ensemble will be available tonight (June 20, 2016) at 7:00 pm, CST, at cindyricedesigns.com.  Look for the details on the “Shop What’s New” page.