Alice is “Flower Picking”

My new Little Darling, Alice, is proving to be quite a dreamer and a lover of flowers.  I brought her outside for her first photo shoot and all she really wanted to do was meander through the garden and pick pretty pink flowers to match her dress.  Since this is her first time out in the garden I let her take her time, then it was down to the business of modeling her new ensemble.

flower picking 007

I must say that Alice is a natural at modeling with her sweet expression and sincere brown eyes.  What do you think?

flower picking 016

flower picking 040

flower picking 013

flower picking 961

flower picking 031

Alice’s “Flower Picking” ensemble will be available tonight (June 20, 2016) at 7:00 pm, CST, at  Look for the details on the “Shop What’s New” page.

12 thoughts on “Alice is “Flower Picking”

  1. Joanne Bowslaugh

    Cindy, have admired your creations for a time now, love Alice’s expression, can you tell me if she is porcelaine or vinyl and how I would find one? I have a porcelaine reproduction of Diane Effner’s Emily, is Alice the same size ? Joanne

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joanne and thank you!
      Alice (whom I named) is one of Dianna’s Little Darlings. They are vinyl and are about 13″. Sorry, I am not familiar with her porcelain dolls, so I have no idea if she is the same size as Emily. Check my FAQ page for links to Dianna’s site as well as the other artists who paint the Little Darlings. Maybe you will find the information you need.

  2. Marian Nozinski

    She certainly is a beauty and the same can be said for her outfit. I have a question about signing in tonight since I seem always to be too late. Is the sale first come, first serve, an auction or something else. I have no idea what your outfits typically go for but I am anxious toon one.
    Thanks, Marian

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Marian and thank you,
      Yes, there is only one outfit. The first person who sends me a contact form or email at 7:00 pm CST or later will be able to purchase this outfit. The contact form can be found under the contact tab on my website.

  3. Joy

    Isn’t Alice precious? And her little dress and sweater so her. She has a dreamy look. Must be from all of the flower picking.

  4. Sonia

    Alice is exceptionally adorable and so pretty! The colors of her beautiful ensemble suit her very well! Just precious!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Sonia,
      I am loving my new Little Darling by Nelly. It’s so fun to have a trio of Little Darlings. Even after all these years I still find them enchanting, and am not tiring of them at all. Thank you, Sonia.


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