Studio and Early Summer Tidbits

In my studio today I spent the day finishing the embroidery on Gracie’s sweater, putting the finishing touches on her crocheted cap, and thinking about the little accessories that will accompany this ensemble.

rose trellis 168

gracie 231

I’m not sure if I like this wig on Gracie.  She has always worn the darker blonde wig and looked cute in it.  Although I think she looks more carefree and summery with the light blonde curls, I’m still not sure.  What do you think?

beauty in blue 609

A few posts ago, I promised to take some photos to show you what is in my studio display cabinet.  I have this little collection (my daughter’s) of blown glass animals (and a lone heart) that I keep in here.  A couple pieces are ornaments and some pieces we found at a resale shop.  The little vintage poodle is one of the three items I have that belonged to my grandmother (my dad’s mother) who passed away before I was born.  I don’t have any memories of her, but I remember these types of things being around my grandpa’s house when I was young.  This poodle most likely was part of this set that I pinned on Pinterest.  I think I mentioned the potted tulips before; my husband brought them back from Holland.

glass animals 179

pink poodle 184

I found this needlework that I had made for my grandparents at my parent’s house.  At first, I didn’t remember it, but then the memories of  it started coming back to me.  I must have embroidered it in grade school as it is a bit . . . hmm, messy?  Look how my grandfather framed it; now scroll down and look at the back!  He was a very frugal man, and used what he had on hand.  I love that about him.

childhood needlework 175

needlework back 177

Outside things are looking very, very lush, and green.  When we returned from Florida we had some cute clover patches growing in our lawn.  I kiddingly mentioned to my husband that we should leave them for the bees.  Well, he did just that!  (I can only imagine how nutty our neighbors think we are.)  When I am out walking I see a couple of hives set up, so I am sure the bees appreciate us growing the clover for them; they need all the help they can get these days.  Not sure how long we should let it get though.

clover patch 206

clover 201

Our easy peasy rosebushes are blooming, as are the violas.

red roses 194

violas 190

These teen tiny biennials were here when we moved into our house 8 years ago.  They keep reseeding, and will bloom during their second season.  I don’t know what kind of flower they are, but they smell like carnations or pinks.

tiny blossoms 217

Our lavender blossomed hostas are getting ready to bloom.

hostas 188

I’ve never noticed acorns at this early stage before.  Aren’t they tiny!

tiny acorns 211

And last, but not least, a few apples growing on our apple tree.  They are about the size of  small limes.

tiny apples 216

We had a rare low humidity day today, just wonderful; I kept the windows open all day long.  Tomorrow, however, a change is coming—storms followed by a cold front.  The weather is never boring here in northern Illinois.

I hope you all had an equally beautiful day.  Thanks for visiting.  Bye for now.

6 thoughts on “Studio and Early Summer Tidbits

  1. Marian

    Gracie, her clothes and the pictures of your garden are so lovely. By the way, I happen to have drifts of clover in my front lawn as well. All in all a visit to your blog is uplifting and fun. Thank you for sharing. Marian

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Marian. Aww, you’re helping the bees too! I am glad you enjoy visiting my blog; I enjoy sharing my creative little world with you. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Jeanne

    Hi Cindy,
    I personally think Gracie looks adorable in the lighter blonde curled wig. I have a “thing” for sweet blonde, brown eyed girls…
    My mom has a few of those glass animals that we got while stationed in Italy. I love the delicateness of them.
    What a sweet thing for your hubby to do…leave the bees a “clover path!” I think it looks kind of neat!
    The rest of your flowers look so beautiful, Cindy. You certainly must have a beautiful yard from what you show us.
    Thanks for sharing with us today!
    Blessings, Jeanne

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Jeanne,
      I think I’ll keep this wig on her for her photo shoot. Gracie is definitely a brown eyed girl. I tried some of my other eyes on her and… no, I didn’t like them at all, so she’ll probably always be brown eyed.
      It must have been interesting living in Italy when you were young. I can’t remember if you mentioned how long you lived there, but I do remember you saying you were quite young.
      Our yard is very overgrown right now. We need to get tree trimmers over here to work their magic. We have a couple of windows that we can barely see out of; the shrubs are that high!
      Thanks for commenting, Jeanne. It’s always nice to hear from you.

  3. Joy

    Love Gracie with the blond wig. So summery.
    The pink poodle is sweet. Definitely needs a friend.
    Your grade school embroidery looks much better than my adult attempts.
    Your yard with the flowers and apples is inspiring. We were just watching the bees on the clover patch at my husband’s parents house. Told them to find another patch because my husband mowed it yesterday. 😦

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      Jeanne likes Gracie in the blonde wig too. I think I’ll keep it for the photo shoot.
      You’re too kind about my early embroidery, thank you though. I’ve seen your little rosebuds and they are sweet; hand work is very individual and unique. Absolutely perfect work looks machine done, boring.
      Oh, your poor bees. The clover will grow back. Maybe we can start a trend with clover patches for the bees. I do enjoy their honey in my tea very much.


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