Daily Archives: June 15, 2016

Introducing . . . and Naming Her

Exciting news!  I have a new Little Darling!  Her name is Alice; she is a number one sculpt painted by Nelly Valentino.  I’ll let Alice’s photos do the talking.  You can see how beautiful and sweet she is. ❤

alice 938

This girl was meant to be Alice.  When Nelly emailed me her first photos, I showed them to my daughter.  My daughter, who also named my Lucy, said she looked like an Alice.  Well, I wasn’t sure, so over the course of the next couple of days we both thought of several other names:  Dorothy and Dot (both names after my mom), Tulip, Lilly, Susan.  We then took the scientific approach (ha ha) for naming this girl because we just couldn’t decide.  My daughter wrote all of the names on a piece of paper; I closed my eyes and pointed to a name.  My index finger landed between Alice and Dorothy.  Okay, now we need a tie breaker.  She took the two pieces of paper, one with each name on it, in a different hand and told me to pick a hand; I picked the right hand.  So, you see, even after all of the fussing she was meant to be Alice.

alice 933

alice 936

Lucy has been generous to her new sister and has given up her next outfit, so that Alice can model for you ASAP!

Soon, soon, very soon . . . Alice will model it for you.  Right now she is enjoying her new home.  I think she’ll love it here, don’t you?

alice 939

gina alice lucy 947

Everyone enjoy your day!  Bye for now!