Portraits of My Girls

I was looking around at my old photos this morning and stumbled upon a folder that contained casual shots of my girls.  In these photos the clothing wasn’t the focus, the dolls’ faces were . . . and I was struck by how gorgeous they all are.  I am so fortunate to have these girls in my collection and to be able to create for them.

My dolls come from different doll makers and artists, but I love them all.  I gathered some of my favorite photos for you to enjoy.

alice 933

Alice by Dianna Effner/Nelly Valentino

little darling gina 2012 719

Gina by Diana Effner/Geri Uribe

lucy 396

Lucy by Dianna Effner/Helen Skinner

gracie 231

Gracie by Kaye Wiggs

talyssa holiday darling 3398

Talyssa by Kaye Wiggs

blue skies, sunny days 795

Millie by Kaye Wiggs

penny 463

Penny by Linda Macario

amelia pixie hat 717

Amelia Thimble by Wilde Imagination


Remy by Pamela Macy


Alisha by Helen Kish



Patsy by Tonner


Bethany by Helen Kish

summertime roses 580

Patience by Wilde Imagination

If you’d like more information on they dolls that model my ensembles you can visit the FAQ page on my website.

Hope you enjoyed!  Bye for now!

12 thoughts on “Portraits of My Girls

  1. Pat Murtha

    Precious pictures…dolls have been a source of great joy in my life since I was a very little girl…still a little girl at heart (when it comes to dolls) at 67! Our oldest grandaughter is 18, and I was never able to develop, in her, a love for dolls. Pretty much the same for 7 year old…youngest is 3, and I think I’ve finally found my doll “soulmate”! Love all your girls, Cindy, and delight in your work (happy to own some) and all you share…thanks for that! Pat Murtha

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Pat,
      I think the love of dolls starts when we are quite young for most of us. Maybe it’s linked to the happy memories associated with dolls? Not sure what it is for sure. However, I didn’t realize that I still loved them until I was about 30 and was in a toy store shopping for my niece. The rest is history. lol
      I am happy that you have finally found your “doll soulmate”. What fun!!! It sounds like you will have fun playing dolls with your granddaughter. Be sure to get lots of photos taken; she will probably love to see those when she is older. I wish I had more photos of me with my dolls.
      Thank you for appreciating my work, and thank you for sharing your story, Pat. ❤

  2. Joy

    How adorable. Love your girls.
    Excited. Just got a notice from the Effner group that I can choose and put down a deposit. I did and now more waiting. Have no idea how long but it said they have the timeline on the site. Have to check it.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Oh, how exciting, Joy! Who is painting your first Little Darling? I hope she arrives quickly! It’s so hard to wait for your first. I was thinking that Penny should be arriving soon too, no?
      BTW, thank you for continually sharing and commenting on my blog. I love to hear from you!

    2. Joy

      This dolly is being done by Dianna Effner. I’m sure the wait will be some time, but I’m in line. Penny should arrive Aug/Sept. I’m glad I ordered. Still need to order some eyes, maybe another wig, and…

      1. Cindy Rice Post author

        You will have a beautiful Little Darling, that is FOR SURE! Yes, you’re in for quite a wait, but it will be worth it when you have your perfect Little Darling. Hurry up, Penny! Joy needs a new doll! lol!

  3. Phyllis Johnston

    Cindy, your dolls are beautiful, their innocence and beauty captured by your amazing photography and beautiful outfits! I always enjoy seeing pictures of each and every one! I too have loved dolls since I can remember, and some my happiest memories are Christmases and getting a new dolly! I still can remember that specific smell of the vinyl! It is so nice to have a common interest with people who don’t think you are a bit off your rocker to have so many dolls at my age!

  4. Cindy Rice Post author

    I remember that vinyl smell too!!! I know it sounds crazy, but that smell of vinyl is linked to being so happy. I specifically recall the first memory of this smell, my new Midge doll. To this day, I smell vinyl dolls looking for that exact smell. I’ve come close, but not exactly as I remember it. Thank goodness for the Internet so that alI of us adult doll collectors can stay connected. Thanks for sharing your memories, Phyllis. ❤

  5. Catherine

    Thank you very much for your photos.
    Your dolls are all beautiful! I particularly love Gina!
    My five Little Darlings were painted by Geri! I love Lucy too, she is so sweet!
    I have Patience and Bethany with red hair!
    I’m now on holiday for 4 weeks, it’s hapiness!
    Hava a good afternoon!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      I hope you have the MOST beautiful weather for your holiday. What a great way to spend the month of August! Most kids go back to school in August here, so the summer vacations are just about over. 😦 It’s too soon, in my opinion, but maybe the young moms feel differently.
      Thank you for sharing your doll collection. Geri paints beautiful Little Darlings, she painted my Gina. I need to make something for Bethany, it’s been years, poor girl.

      Enjoy and thank you!


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