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“Pink ‘n Plum Sweetie”

It’s Lucy’s turn to model something new for you.  She has been quite patient, I must say.  She hasn’t had a turn since early May.

Back in June Lucy was already wearing a new dress and waiting for me to return from Florida so she could model the entire ensemble for you.  Well on the way home from Florida (we drove) we found out that Alice would be arriving very, very soon.  Lucy wanted to welcome her with open arms, so gave up her new dress to Alice.  Isn’t Lucy the sweetest Little Darling ever!

I love this fabric.. and I think lots of you did too!  I used it about the same time last year for an ensemble and then quickly made another in the smaller scaled, but same color way  fabric.  It turns out that this fabric is PERFECT for the pink mohair yarn I often knit with, so I decided to use it again.  Lucy wasn’t around last summer, so this is all new for her!  Doesn’t she look happy!

pink 'n plum sweetie 413

This time I made a longer sweater, so the dress is a drop-waist style.  You can see my first “Pink ‘n Plum” here, and “Pink ‘n Plum Encore” here.  I changed the waistline sash from ribbon to lace, and added a bow to the headband.  Lucy has a drawstring bag (which she LOVES!) instead of a little bouquet.  All in all, she one happy girl.

pink 'n plum sweetie 424

pink 'n plum sweetie 410

lucy 366

pink 'n plum sweetie 471

pink 'n plum sweetie 433

During our photo shoot Lucy and Alice wanted some photos taken of the two of them.  Then, Gina wanted to try on Alice’s new outfit, so I took some outdoor photos of Gina.  Most definitely, we had fun!

First, it’s Lucy and Alice modeling together.

lucy alice 393

lucy alice 401

alice lucy 391

Then Gina tried on Alice’s outfit.

chic not shabby 494

I thought Gina looked adorable in “Chic Not Shabby”.

chic not shabby 476

Lastly, a hug for Gina from Lucy!

gina lucy 500

One last look at Lucy in “Pink ‘n Plum Sweetie” which will be available tonight (July 24, 2016) at 7:00 pm CST,  Check the “Shop What’s New” page at that time for more information.

pink 'n plum sweetie 408

Bye for now!  Thanks for visiting!

“Chic Not Shabby”

More purple creations are coming out of my studio!  This one is in neutral shades.  The wool is almost taupe, but it’s not.  The purple in the dress is a neutral grape shade with a touch of neutral pastel pink in there too.

The great thing about neutrals is that they go nicely with a lot of other colors.  Do you know what it means to call a color neutral?  It means that it is made up of all three primary colors.  If a neutral color has only a touch of one or two of the primaries it may not even look like a neutral, but it still is considered one.

When I was in college we made hundreds of paint chips using red, yellow, blue, and white.  Did you know that if you have the correct red, yellow, and blue you can make any color under the sun?  We made colors all the way around the color wheel and then we made the neutrals.  It was an assignment that most art majors hated with a passion, but I loved it!!!  I still have all of the paint chips I made too.

I think that with Alice’s golden brown eyes and blonde/brown hair she looks beautiful in neutrals, don’t you?

chic not shabby 248

The embroidery on this sweater wasn’t as easy peasy as it might look.  I tried four different shades of purple before I found the correct one for the colonial knot flowers.  They are such a tiny part of the embroidery, but they needed to be right.  At first, my color choice was the darkest shade in the dress, then I went a shade lighter, then I picked a basic lilac.  They all disappeared into the knitting, and didn’t accent the roses at all.  Finally, I picked a bright pink violet which was bright enough and light enough to make the roses pop.  The greenery color needs to be just right too, but I got lucky picking the correct shade right from the start.  Yay!

chic not shabby 293

Alice loves her beret.  Her favorite part is the ivory colored rose bead; she thinks it is the perfect touch.

chic not shabby 262

chic not shabby 320

chic not shabby 292

Alice’s “Chic Not Shabby” ensemble will be available tonight at 7:00 pm CST,  Check my “Shop What’s New” page tonight at that time.


My “Calico Cutie”

Usually I cannot remember the names of fabric collections that I use for my outfits.  I get asked quite often, and I’m sorry to say that I just don’t remember, especially when it has been in my stash for a while.  The name of this fabric, however, stuck with me because it was named after one of my favorite childhood television shows and books, Little House on the Prairie.

I was probably older than the target audience when this show first aired, but still loved the cozy peek into pioneer life.  My younger sister, who was really into this show had the book, so I also read that.  I’ve been enamored with log cabins lit with cozy fireplaces ever since.

This tiny calico print is filled with shades of purply flowers on a navy ground.  You all know I love every single shade of purple, but I don’t work with navy blue too much.  When I received this fabric I wasn’t thrilled with it (it seemed too dark to me), but it looked so pretty with this lilac mohair sweater, so I took a chance and made this fabric into a dress.  I am glad I used it!  It is a different look for Gina.  In fact, I love her in this dress set!

calico cutie 155

calico cutie 127

Gina’s light as a feather mohair/silk sweater matches the beret which is knit in a heavier weight of Peruvian wool.  I preferred the “less fluffy” fiber for her beret.  I am now quite comfortable knitting in the round, so that is how I knit Gina’s beret.  A simple white silk ribbon bow and bead decorate the beret.

calico cutie 150

I had this ribbon in my stash which was the perfect color to accent the waistline of the dress.

calico cutie 116

My newly acquired white tassel styled cotton lace from England looked perfect with this print.

calico cutie 141

Of course Gina wanted a little bouquet to give you.  She picked deep purple and white blossoms which she tied together with white silk streamers, and a bow made with matching embroidery thread.

calico cutie 166

“Calico Cutie” will be available tonight (July 19, 2016) at 7:00 pm CST,  Check the “Shop What’s New” page at that time for more information on this ensemble.