“Pink ‘n Plum Sweetie”

It’s Lucy’s turn to model something new for you.  She has been quite patient, I must say.  She hasn’t had a turn since early May.

Back in June Lucy was already wearing a new dress and waiting for me to return from Florida so she could model the entire ensemble for you.  Well on the way home from Florida (we drove) we found out that Alice would be arriving very, very soon.  Lucy wanted to welcome her with open arms, so gave up her new dress to Alice.  Isn’t Lucy the sweetest Little Darling ever!

I love this fabric.. and I think lots of you did too!  I used it about the same time last year for an ensemble and then quickly made another in the smaller scaled, but same color way  fabric.  It turns out that this fabric is PERFECT for the pink mohair yarn I often knit with, so I decided to use it again.  Lucy wasn’t around last summer, so this is all new for her!  Doesn’t she look happy!

pink 'n plum sweetie 413

This time I made a longer sweater, so the dress is a drop-waist style.  You can see my first “Pink ‘n Plum” here, and “Pink ‘n Plum Encore” here.  I changed the waistline sash from ribbon to lace, and added a bow to the headband.  Lucy has a drawstring bag (which she LOVES!) instead of a little bouquet.  All in all, she one happy girl.

pink 'n plum sweetie 424

pink 'n plum sweetie 410

lucy 366

pink 'n plum sweetie 471

pink 'n plum sweetie 433

During our photo shoot Lucy and Alice wanted some photos taken of the two of them.  Then, Gina wanted to try on Alice’s new outfit, so I took some outdoor photos of Gina.  Most definitely, we had fun!

First, it’s Lucy and Alice modeling together.

lucy alice 393

lucy alice 401

alice lucy 391

Then Gina tried on Alice’s outfit.

chic not shabby 494

I thought Gina looked adorable in “Chic Not Shabby”.

chic not shabby 476

Lastly, a hug for Gina from Lucy!

gina lucy 500

One last look at Lucy in “Pink ‘n Plum Sweetie” which will be available tonight (July 24, 2016) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.  Check the “Shop What’s New” page at that time for more information.

pink 'n plum sweetie 408

Bye for now!  Thanks for visiting!

8 thoughts on ““Pink ‘n Plum Sweetie”

  1. Catherine

    Lucy is really adorable her new set! I love this fabric too.
    Your photos are beautiful, your “daughters” are gorgeous!
    I like them all, but Gina is my favorite! I love her look!
    Have a good sunday!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Catherine. Gina was my only girl for a few years, so she is the most experienced around here. The other two are learning quickly though. Hope you have a beautiful week in France. I can’t believe it’s the end of July already!

  2. Joy

    Your girls are all so sweet. Each with their own special look. And they are fortunate to have an expert seamstress/knitter in the house. They always look so well turned out.
    Your lawn is starting to look like ours. 97 here yesterday. Cooling off to 91 today. No humidity here though 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      They all look a bit different, don’t they? It’s fun changing their wigs for even different looks too. I haven’t changed Alice’s yet and would like to see how she looks with other styles.
      We had two evenings of “lots of rain” this past week, but the grass is still looking dry. We’ve been so very HOT with another hot week on its way. I love summertime! If we didn’t have this very hot weather in the summer, winter would be impossible for me, so it’s a good thing.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Donna. Oh, here and there… lots of heres and theres. Sometimes I am amazed I get anything done, my days can be so fractured. Seriously though, even if I have a few minutes I try and make the most of it. When I am having a particularly hard time focusing, I will make a list of all the steps to finish an ensemble and that keeps me on track. Hope you have a great day, Donna!


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