“A Rosy Cozy Fall”

Today is officially the last day of summer 2016!  No more talking about how summer ends on Labor Day, or meteorological fall begins on September first.  This is it, for real!

Are you ready for the autumn season to begin?  I think I am finally ready to say I am ready for some fall-like weather.  I do love those cozy sweaters, mugs of hot apple cider, and sitting in front of the fireplace, don’t you?  I think autumn is the coziest of seasons.

Gina is here to welcome fall in her cozy new ensemble.


Gina’s sweater, hat, and scarf are all knit with Peruvian Highland wool.  This pink color is one of my favorites in this yarn.  It is a rosy heather and absolutely gorgeous, in my opinion, but then I love pink.  Her scarf is made out of a blue-ish red and colorful fringe coordinates it with this outfit.

The colors in this cotton floral fabric aren’t your typical fall colors, but I think they are perfect for fall.  Besides the rosy pink, you’ll find raspberry, dark avocado outlines, yellow green leaves, and a surprising shade of a bluer green (love this one).

Gina’s sweater is a cropped long sleeved sweater which reaches to the bottom of the dress’s bodice.  Since the flowers on the dress are petaled flowers, I made my bullion blossoms a bit different.  I quite like the different shape of these.


Gina’s hat is snuggly and warm with earflaps to cover her ears.  The hat ties underneath her chin and off to the side.  I made the ties different lengths so that when tied the bow’s tails are even.  I added a bit of embroidery to the hat also.


Gina has a coordinating necklace and bracelet to go with her fall ensemble.  Off white tights keep her little legs warm.



Gina’s “A Rosy Cozy Fall” ensemble will be available tonight (September 21, 2016) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.

So what is your favorite part of fall?  I’d love to hear!  Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting with me today. ❤

6 thoughts on ““A Rosy Cozy Fall”

  1. Joy

    I do like the pinks for fall. The greens in the print bring in the season. Those little ear flaps on Gina’s hat will keep her warm on a brisk day.
    Not quite ready for fall here. Was 95 on Sunday. Grand kiddies went to the beach (Doran) on the north Pacific coast before heading home. Only going to be 80 today but warming up again for the weekend.
    Next month, it will seem more like fall. Decorating for Halloween/Fall is always fun. Being a summer girl, I’m enjoying the heat while it lasts.

    1. Joy

      I forgot. My little Yu Ping, Ten Ping’s little sister arrived yesterday. At 5 1/2 inches, she’s a tiny one. She looked very scared when I opened her box, but when she saw her sister and Jar Lu and was reunited with her little bunny, she smiled.

    2. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy. How cold do you get where you live, 60 degrees? I can’t say I’m a summer girl, but I am definitely NOT a winter girl! I do wish that we could go from fall right into spring, that’d be great! I was trying to decide what part of winter I dislike the most, and there are too many things. It’s not ALL bad, but mostly. California winters sound lovely to me.
      Sounds like you’ve been having loads of fun with your grandkids. It’s a nice time to enjoy them before grade school starts, and you have to work around that schedule.
      Thank you so much for your sweet comments about my work! ❤

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Catherine and thank you! I wonder how long Gina will have to wait for some fall weather; it’s still so warm and humid here. I must add that I am not complaining as once it’s cold, it’s cold for a long time. Hope you had a beautiful Thursday.


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