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“Springy and Delicate”

After many, many springlike days winter weather returned on Friday.  We woke Saturday morning to a light dusting of snow and temperatures that were well below freezing.  Brr!  Saturday remained cold, and reminding me that it is still indeed February.

I cannot remember ever seeing crocuses blooming in February, but this year I did!  What a wonderful surprise they were!  They started blooming (always the yellow first) last Wednesday.  Since it’s getting  warmer again this week, the violet and white crocuses should quickly follow their yellow friends out into the world.  Spring flowers make me so happy!


In my studio, the “making of spring” also continues.  Here is my Little Darling, Gina, modeling my last February ensemble.


Isn’t this the most precious print?  It is so shabby chic and in my favorite shade of blue.  This was one of those ‘order immediately before it’s sold out’ fabrics.  I fell so much in love with it that I also purchased it in pink and yellow.


Gina’s cardigan is knit with mohair/silk lace yarn.  Lace panels on each front, the sleeves, and center back add to the delicate-ness of this cardigan.  The mirrored rose bouquets are embroidered at the neckline and bottom hemline.  I brought rosiness to the button band with pastel pink glass pearl buttons.


I finally bought some wool roving to make little needle felted accessories with.  (I received a needle felting pen and mat for Christmas.)  I’ve watched some You Tube tutorials, so had a general idea how to needle felt, but I was just having fun and experimenting while making this bunny.  To my surprise, he came out looking like a bunny!  Gina claimed him as her own and told me all she needed was a basket to put him in.  Of course, dear Gina!  I made a flat shaped basket (like my flower cutting baskets) so he could sit in the basket and be seen.  He’s not perfect, but cute, I think so anyway.


“Springy and Delicate” will be available tonight (February 27, 2017) at 7:00 pm CST,

My little Kaye Wiggs Millie is patiently awaiting the next spring ensemble which will be hers!  I think it will be in the pink colorway of this same print.  I was looking at her album of outfits and she seems to be missing a pink dress.  She has had a lot of ensembles made with prints that have ivory backgrounds, and not one print that is predominately pink.

Thanks for stopping by today, my friends.  Enjoy the week!

She’s in “Lilac and Lovely”

I really felt like making something with lilac fabric and I discovered that I don’t have much in this colorway.  I have lots of plum, but not very much lilac.  Hmm, not sure why, it’s a favorite color of mine.  I’ve got to work on that!

I found this lilac pin dot in my stash which was a part of the collection with my vintage pillowcase-like rose prints.  Here is what I made with it a couple of years ago; I just used it as an accent.  I decided to use it for the entire dress this time, so I could use lots of crisp white as the accent instead of ivory which was the rose print’s background color.  I do love how delicate it looks with white, don’t you?


Having the perfect white French lace (Thank you, M.! ❤ ) and white lace fabric for the tights helps this ensemble look even more delicate.

I used my pure white mohair/silk lace yarn to knit Patience’s sweater.  I have two white lots of this yarn.  One is pure white and the other slightly warm.  They are the same item, but ordered at different times; funny how two lots can be so different, but I am happy to have them both.  Shades of purples and pinks are used for the sweater’s embroidery.


A crocheted pearl headband with a hand made bow, lilac flower bouquet, and lilac bracelet complete Patience’s new look.




Patience’s “Lilac and Lovely” ensemble will be available tonight (February 23, 2017) at 7:00 pm CST,

I hope you all are enjoying the day today.  I sure am, and am still flabbergasted that it is still only February.  My crocuses have started blooming; they usually bloom in April around here!  Craziness!

Thanks so much for visiting today!

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“A Rosy Outlook”

My Little Darling, Alice, is forever contemplating life and the world with a positive attitude.  Actually all three of my Little Darlings are like that, and they remind me on a daily basis to do the same.  Really, though, how can one be gloomy gazing at their beautiful and sweet faces!

Our latest blast of springtime hasn’t made it difficult to have a rosy outlook either.  Spring has been here in the Chicago area for a good many days now, and I am spoiled beyond being spoiled, if that’s possible.  The warmth and sunshine feels heavenly, and I am enjoying every second of it!


Just like our weather, Alice’s new ensemble is all warmth and sunshine.  The dress features the tiniest pink roses in shades of warm pink and pretty green.  The background is a deep ivory or light maize color.  Ivory scalloped French lace edges the hemline.  A  hand dyed rayon ribbon sash ties in a bow at the back of the dress.


a rosy outlook 416.jpg

The wool sweater is knit with panels of lace on the center back, down the center of each sleeve, and a narrower panel along each front.   Tiny bullion stitched rosebuds mingle with the knitted lace on the sweater’s front.


a rosy outlook 385.jpg

A beret that matches the sweater is knit from my beret pattern.  A pair of embroidered rosebuds and a hand made pom pom embellish this tiny beret.

Accessories to complete this ensemble include a crocheted flower basket filled with a paper wrapped bunch of blossoms, a bracelet, and tights.


Alice’s “A Rosy Outlook” ensemble will be available tonight (February 21, 2017) at 7:00 pm CST,

BTW, I am so sorry about the technology problems last night which made me unable to publish my website at 7:00.  I stumbled upon a work around which will hopefully prevent it from happening tonight.

I hope you all are having a great Tuesday!  Thank you so much for visiting with me today.  Bye for now! ❤