Nearly Three Weeks!

I finally got my mojo back for photo shoots yesterday.  It’s been missing nearly this entire month, almost three weeks!  I’ve been working at creating, and the ensembles are starting to pile up.

Ha, ha . . . not really, but I do have three ensembles completed.  So yesterday I had a mammoth modeling session with two of my Little Darlings, Lucy and Alice, and my sweet and patient, Patience.

I got to work right away on editing the photos for Lucy’s ensemble, so I have something to show you this morning.  You might have caught glimpses of this one on my Facebook page or Instagram feed already, but now the “real” photos have been taken.

Here is my happy Little Darling, Lucy, in “Pastel and Pretty”!  What I noticed when working with this fabric is how pastel and cool the color palette is.  The blue background is as pastel as a blue can get and is a beautiful cool shade.  It’s like a breathe of fresh air!  The roses are in shades of cool pink to cherry red.  The greenery is true mint green with a slightly darker green also.

Something new with this dress is the lace on the skirt and how I’ve applied it.   This English cotton Cluny lace has been in my stash for months; I’ve been pondering on how to use it, and it finally came to me.

I decided to use this lace as an insert between the the skirt fabric.  The lining barely peeks through and offers the tiniest bit of translucence.  The lace is pretty dense, so it’s not see through at all, it’s just a little hint of light.  I like the effect a lot.




Lucy’s “light as a feather” short sleeved mohair/silk cropped cardigan was knit from my Light Cardigan pattern.  Two mirrored white/pink rose motifs add crisp white brightness to the rosy pink cardigan.  The motifs also include pastel blue and green to coordinate with the dress.


A pure white crocheted slouch cap frames Lucy’s face perfectly.  It is made with drapey bamboo thread.  A hand made crocheted rose and ice blue glass flower bead decorates the band.  More white pearls are used on these embellishments.



A crocheted basket is Lucy’s choice for holding a few pretty blossoms.  White pearls and an ice blue flower bead create the dangling tassel.  I put a bit of green Easter grass and a tiny bunch of bright pink blossoms in the basket.  Both can be removed, and the flowers are secured together with a clear elastic band for holding.


White mesh tights and a bracelet complete Lucy’s springtime look.


Lucy’s “Pastel and Pretty” ensemble will be available tonight (February 20, 2017) at 7:00 pm CST,

I hope you all have a great start to the new week.  Thanks so much for visiting with me today! ❤

4 thoughts on “Nearly Three Weeks!

  1. Joy

    Little smiley Lucy just makes my day. It’s dreary here and raining so she is a lovely rainbow in her perfect designer outfit. I really like the lace insert on the skirt. Such a great idea. And the blue/glass bead adds just the right amount of sparkle to the crocheted cap. I saw the photo of your three girls in their latest outfits. Such a breathe of spring to come. Muddy mess around here.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Joy! It’s always rewarding to stumble something new even it is as simple as a lace application. I’ll take it!

      I feel for you guys. I don’t understand the mud and flooding, but I know how the dreariness can get to be so, so depressing. Hang in there; it’s bound to end soon. Thinking of you. ❤


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