“A Lovely Blossom”

Hello everyone.  First of all, can someone pretty please send me some sunshine.  I am having a hard time waking up on this wet and dreary day; I just cannot seem to get going this morning.  Ugh!

I finished up another ensemble for Gracie . . . again.  I must say she is quite enjoying all of the attention she’s been getting lately.  All of this modeling is perfecting her look, practice makes perfect.  Some days her beauty takes my breath away.  *sigh*

a lovely blossom 513

Gracie’s new dress was made out of the final colorway I purchased of this print.  If you’d like to see the others again, here are the links.  The first was Gracie’s “Beauty and Blossoms” and the second was “Happiness is Pink” made for Patience.  I almost put this fabric away for later, but my pink mohair/silk lace yarn somehow got placed next to this piece of fabric.  I heard the angels sing, that’s how beautiful the yarn and fabric looked together.a lovely blossom 555

I did something a little different for this shrug.  To make it extra lacy and delicate I went up a needle size and still used one strand of yarn.  It is extremely “light as a feather”!  Because the shrug is so delicate, I made the dress’s neckline wider, so the bodice would be more delicate, also.  The look is really pretty on Gracie, no?

a lovely blossom 510

a lovely blossom 536

I concentrated on the cool pink for the accessories.  I had to dye the two laces and cotton Lycra for the tights, but I had another perfect yarn for the hair decorations.  I discovered this blossom charm in my stash.  The sparkly stone in the center is the most perfect shade of pink for this ensemble.  The basket I found at a thrift store; I’ve been unable to part with it, but it went so well with this set that I decided to let it go.  (The pink flowers on it are just perfect.)  All in all, this ensemble was a LOT of fun to make, and even though there were a lot of steps to it, it came together painlessly.

a lovely blossom 552

a lovely blossom 582

a lovely blossom 523

Gracie’s “A Lovely Blossom” ensemble will be available tonight (April 27, 2017) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.



7 thoughts on ““A Lovely Blossom”

  1. Joy

    Lucky little Gracie. She is looking so sweet in this adorable outfit. Love her little hair braid too. Maybe her shining self will convince the clouds to disappear for you. Lucky me, clear and beautiful today. Weather in the 80’s expected in a few days. Back to watering, can you believe?

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Someone put out a wish for sun as it came out very briefly shortly after this post went live. But alas, shortly afterwards the clouds came back all day, and would you believe we had a wind chill in the high 30s?! Not a great day, maybe today will be, I hope. It sounds like your are having some great weather. Whenever I need a sunny “pick me up” I’ll think of you in sunny CA.

  2. Terrigirl2017

    Hey Cindy I’m in Minnesota and the sun is shining this morning at 7:23 a.m. I hope the Sun makes it to you todayas well. Gracie look so cute in this one hairdressers just fabulous I love the hemline and the shrug, take care, Terri xoxo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Terri. The sun came out briefly yesterday, better than nothing, and better than today. Today it’s cold, and now raining again. I think we’ll be in this weather pattern through Tuesday, too. A vacation would be great right about now. Hope it’s still nice in MN.

      1. Terrigirl2017

        Hopefully May Brings in the sunshine and flowers after the April showers! It’s dull here now after some sun earlier, I hope you get a vacation soon Cindy! Hugs Terri.💗

      2. Cindy Rice Post author

        I hope May brings lots of sunshine too. If the weather gets nice, I will not need a vacation. Fingers crossed… I hope you have a sunny day today.

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