How’s Your May Progressing?

Believe it or not, we are already into the second half of May.  How did that happen?  I love this time of year though, when summer is yet to come, and it feels that once it starts it will be never ending.  However, of course, it never is.

We spent this past Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  I took some photos of the gardens, not too many this year, but enough to show you what it looks like in May 2017.

We’ve been here in past years during mid May and have seen all of the cherry blossoms  in bloom.  Not so this year, only one tree left in bloom, and we found it in the Japanese Garden.

cherry blossoms 821

I LOVE flowers and the endless colors they produce, but there is something about the Japanese Garden that appeals to me… a lot; its simplicity and calmness speak to me.  When I was younger, I never found this understated and mostly green garden very interesting at all.  But now, this is the place where I would sit and knit all day long; I love it that much.  If you’d like to read more about this garden here is the link to its page on their website.

japanese garden 828

japanese garden 830

weeping willow 823

japanese garden 815

azaleas japanese garden 803

Azaleas, azaleas, azaleas!

azaleas 811

And here are a few photos from elsewhere at the Botanic Gardens.  Subtle shade difference in flowers get me every time.  These are lupines in a multitude of pinks.

lupines 837

Be still my heart… lily-of-the-valley, love, love, love!  Oh how I wanted to pick one, but I resisted.  I did spend quite a while here repeatedly bending down to inhale their sweet scent though.  Anyone else have a lily-of-the-valley scented Little Kiddle doll?

lily of the valley 795

The English Oak Meadow hillside is awash with California poppies.

poppies 799

We had a lovely (and sunny) Mother’s Day together.  In the afternoon we visited a local nursery and picked up a few hanging baskets for the front porch, then made dinner at home.  It was a wonderful weekend, indeed!

I hope yours was wonderful too!

A happy belated Mother’s Day to all of you moms. ❤

6 thoughts on “How’s Your May Progressing?

  1. Joy

    Thanks for the Mother’s Day wish. We journeyed to see the grands. Went out for great Mexican food.
    Loved seeing your botanical garden photos. The sea of azalia’s is amazing. After looking at the poppies, I think the ones in your photo may be Iceland Poppies. I love them. California poppies are a bit different. Not as large. We have only orange on the hills around here and in our yard. Come up every year.
    My new Mini Maru Chad arrived. He’s pretty cute. Actually looks a lot like our youngest grand. Have you seen the new BJD Effner dolls? Got an email today to purchase. Pretty expensive with custom eyes/wig. I’ve really been looking at the Meadow dolls. So tempting.
    Loved your May progressive post.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy. It sounds like you had a memorable day with your family, nothing better than that. Gosh, we haven’t been out for Mexican in ages, love it though.
      You’re right about the poppies… and I knew that, duh, thanks for reminding me. I’ve actually grown both from seed decades ago. My memory, horrible… I remember the California poppies were all yellow-y gold. Yours grow wild? How fun is that!
      Chad is pretty darned cute. If I had a boy doll he would probably end up in pink, poor thing. Yes, I saw the new BJD Effner dolls. I am still resisting them though. They do seem pricey to me too. Are the Meadow dolls a preorder? I have such a hard time waiting for dolls.
      Thanks for commenting on my posts, Joy. I always look forward to reading them. ❤


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