4 thoughts on “New Knitting Pattern Available

  1. Joy

    You are just so sweet to make your patterns available to others. Know those that can knit will appreciate. I may try again come fall. I was never able to get beyond about the 6th row on anything I tried. Just need more uninterrupted and bouquet time.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy, thank you. It’s definitely more rewarding to share than to keep it all inside. I enjoy it, wish I had time to publish more patterns. It really is harder than sitting down to make an outfit, all that math and number crunching makes my head spin.

      Well heh, you got to the 6th row, that’s something. It sounds like you lost interest, and didn’t enjoy the process enough to keep going? At first, you need to have faith that it will turn into something, even though it may look like a balled up bit of knitting mess. BtW, what do you mean by bouquet time? typo?

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