“Do You Want to Color?”

Hello to you all!  Now that it is mid September all school children should be back in the classroom.  I know a lot has changed since I’ve been in grade school, but children still spend time coloring, right?  They must, if a box of crayons being on the school supply list is any indication.  By the way, I think that new box of crayons is the most exciting school supply!

I have quite a few memories of coloring in school, especially in first grade.  Coloring is actually one of my only memories of first grade.  My teacher would line up piles of mimeographed (remember those?) coloring pages on top of the heater.  We were to start by coloring a page from the first pile, turn that in when finished, and then go on to the second pile, etc.  I’m sure we actually learned something in first grade, hope so anyway.  Since I LOVED to color when I was young, that is probably why I remember coloring and not the math or science lessons.

My Little Darling, Lucy, has a new coloring book and crayons, and a brand new fall outfit to show you.  I showed you a peek at this ensemble last time.  In case you didn’t see that post, you can go back and read it here.

do you want to color? 326.jpg

Lucy’s coloring book contains pictures of things from her backyard.  Those butterflies, snails, bumblebees, birds, feathers, and flowers are also pictured on her blouse.  Her “beeswax” crayons coordinate with her ensemble and have their own crayon box.  (The coloring book and box of crayons are hand made by me.)

do you want to color? 345

do you want to color? 343

Lucy’s pinafore jumper is hand knit and made to look like a vintage jumper (probably) from the 1970s.  You can see that one here on my Pinterest board.  Lucy’s is made with a slightly muted sky blue (wool, nylon, Donegal) tweed yarn.  Two bullion stitched and beaded butterflies flutter on the skirt.

do you want to color 325

Her blouse bodice is lined with hand stitching; the sleeve seam allowances have been double turned and hand hemmed to produce an inside garment completely free of raw or serged edges.

do you want to color? 355

Lucy also has a pretty blue rayon ribbon for her hair, cozy tan/white striped cotton tights, and a butterfly charm bracelet.

do you want to color? 359

“Do You Want to Color?” will be available tonight (September 11, 2017) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.

Here’s a question to ponder, what was your favorite school supply?

Wishing you all, my friends, a peaceful and beautiful day.




6 thoughts on ““Do You Want to Color?”

  1. Joy

    Saw darling Lucy on one of the facebook groups over the weekend. Know this one will go really fast.
    Being so old, we really did not buy school supplies. School provided pencils, erasers, and crayons too. And paste. No, I did not eat it as many did. I remember though, for my students, when gel pens arrived on the scene. Everyone wanted those. Grandson just started first grade. Not as much time for coloring as in the past. They are reading. 🙂
    It was 100 here again yesterday. Can’t wait for it to cool off.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy, and thank you. Your comment about not buying school supplies pulled a memory from my old brain. I remember boxes of new crayons, but maybe the teacher purchased those. Gosh, I just cannot remember. I wonder when school supply lists started, seems like decades. Hmm…
      Yuck, eating paste, cannot remember that! We used to put white glue in that center channel of rulers to make long press on nails! I didn’t know you were a teacher, what a patient saint you are. I agree children are more advanced these days.
      When do you start to cool off? The mornings are already started to feel cool with warm days, most days anyway. Hope today is a nice one for you.

  2. lucyannluna

    So pretty
    As a teacher, I still love different coloured board pens, this year I’ve found some with a different colour at both ends!! I must start using them, not just looking.


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