A New Arrival This Evening

It’s been 16 months since a new doll has come to live in my studio.  It wasn’t intentional, I simply wasn’t tempted by any dolls.  That is, until September 25, when I got an email from Happily Ever After.  What a surprise!  They were now selling Dianna Effner sculpted 10″ Boneka dolls.  It took me about 15 minutes to choose one, and get mine ordered!

rose's arrival 698

Rose arrived today, much sooner than expected, and I must say that there’s nothing like a new doll to bring a smile to my face.

She was snuggled in this padded cotton bag with an appliquéd heart and metal eyelets for the ribbon drawstring.

rose's arrival 699

Although not hand painted, Rose is as cute as the Little Darlings, but smaller.  She’s such a tiny, petite thing, simply adorable.

rose's arrival 700

I introduced Rose to Ivy, a gift from Carolyn at Warm Heart Bears.  Since they are both the new kids, they have something in common, and have become fast friends.

rose's arrival 710

rose's arrival 706

Rose has yet to meet her Little Darling cousins.  She’s a little worn out from her travels.  I’ll save those introductions for another day.

Bye for now!

11 thoughts on “A New Arrival This Evening

  1. Wendy Gibbons Marsh

    Cindy, she is a lovely little doll. A great addition to your family. I am looking forward to seeing her new outfit.🌾

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Wendy. Rose and Ivy have been sitting by me as i work. Their sweet faces bring me joy. I am getting impatient to make Rose something new to wear.

  2. Susie

    Congratulations for your new little sweetheart! That’s such a sweet photo of Rose & Ivy. She’s going to have so much fun at your house! Her twin should be arriving here tomorrow ~ thanks to your enabling FB post. 😉

  3. Carol Christiansen

    Congratulations, Cindy on your new addition! Rose is a wonderful choice and she is certain to feel right at home with your lovely dolly family. I cannot wait to see what you design for her to wear. Love and hugs, Carol

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Carol. She is fitting in just fine around here. Rose is such a petite thing with a peaceful temperament. I can’t wait to make her something new either. It’s getting much too chilly to wear a slip.

  4. Donna

    Hi Cindy… Well, you inspired me. I went to the “Happily Ever After” website and purchased one of the Effner dolls after I saw your post. Can’t wait to get her!

  5. Joy

    Somehow I missed this. Wow, little Rose is just adorable! Love that Tuesday mold. And your photo with the teddy is sweet.


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