Wet Outside, Cozy and Warm Inside

Since Sunday, here in northern Illinois, we are “enjoying” a different weather experience.  After a week of glorious sunshine and temps, it’s been quite cool and wet.  However, there is a silver lining.  It’s the perfect kind of weather to start up a fire in the fireplace, make some homemade soup, and craft with wool.

rain day 2017 738

rain day 2017 721

On Sunday I made a pot of vegetable soup.  I used what I had on hand:  white beans, yellow split peas, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, zucchini, onions, garlic, and thyme.  It all went into my soup pot with vegetable bouillon, water, and some salt.  One and a half hours later we had yummy soup which will last us for a few days.

I topped my bowl of soup with plain whole milk Greek yogurt, my favorite “sour cream”, and parmesan cheese.  In case you’re wondering, it was very good. 🙂

vegetable soup 722

I started building my snow people yesterday evening.  I stuck with it, and ended up with a dozen of them!  I can’t wait to bring them all to life.

10-24-17 725

10-24-17 726

My favorite place to work on days (or nights) like this is right in front of the fireplace.  The little table that my Mom had in her house is the perfect height for working.  I will also put my June Taylor Cushioned Quilter’s Square ‘n Blocker board on it when I am embroidering or hand sewing; it’s rigid and creates its own table top.

10-24-17 737

Wherever you are, rain or shine, warm or cool, I hope your day has a silver lining too. ❤

By the way, does anyone know the name of the tall plant with variegated leaves in the photo below?  Thanks.

houseplant 736.jpg

5 thoughts on “Wet Outside, Cozy and Warm Inside

  1. Wendy Gibbons Marsh

    Hi Cindy. Lovely to catch up with you. There is nothing cosier and relaxing than being in front of a warm fire, with our craft Something I have always wanted but never had. I do have wonderful memories of visiting my favourite Aunt during the winter and sitting around the fire making toast over the open flames. There is something about eating toast that way, so yummy.
    I and my partner, are about to to head off in our caravan, going North to the sea side, for a couple of weeks, to enjoy our spring weather.
    Life is good. Take care 🤗

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Wendy. Fireplaces are right up there on my ❤ list, love them. I think I have ours going every single day from fall through those cold, spring days. There are some electric heaters/fireplaces that look like old-fashioned wood stoves that are pretty neat. My first cozy fireplace memory is from 6th grade at Christmastime when I would sit in front of the fire and the lit Christmas tree to complete my homework.
      I'll have to try making toast over the flames, sounds like fun. Enjoy your trip north, safe travels. Thanks for commenting!

    2. Wanda Honeywell

      Hi Cindy,

      Oh yes, the time of year is nearing to snuggle up by the fireplace with knitting needles, crochet hooks, finishing touches of embellishments on projects, or reading a book. Any one of those things I too enjoy doing relaxing by a cozy fire.

      Along with that, after hearing about your yummy vegetable soup, it has my appeitite up for a pot of homemade squash soup with a dollop of sour cream too. 😊

      Thank you for your inspiration!

      Warm regards

  2. Joy

    Your soup looks delicious. Now you are becoming a foodie as well. 🙂
    Love the little table that was your mothers. I do have a similar one with a round top and a bit larger. Belonged to my aunt.
    The fireplace is so cozy. Wish we could burn, but most days when one would want to, it is a spare the air day and no burning is allowed. Too much pollution out here.
    So how is the wrist? Better? Sure hope so. Must keep those knitting hands in top shape to produce more outstanding items.
    Have no idea of the plant name. I am very good at killing the indoor ones. Outdoors, not so much.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy. Me a foodie? Never! I could, and probably do, eat the same things day after day. I love to make one pot dishes though–they leave more time for crafting. My wrist is better, thank you. Now and then I will feel a tiny bit of discomfort after I’ve overused it (needle felting a dozen snow people!), but so far those little pains have gone away. My husband found out our plant was a rubber plant–ha, should have just asked him to begin with. It’s growing so well because I don’t water enough. Have a nice day, Joy! ❤


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