Holiday Spirit in My Studio

Happy weekend to you all!  This morning I awoke to rain pelting the windows very early this morning. It was a comforting and cozy way to wake up, although hard to get out of bed.

After getting the kettle going on the stove for coffee, I took a peek outside the front door.  Sweet Morris, one of the two feral cats that we feed, was snuggled up close to the front door.  We have a deep porch that normally keeps off the rain, but this morning there was only enough dry area for him on the welcome mat.  Poor thing!  I felt so bad for him, and promptly gave him his breakfast.

Miss Feral, the most feral tabby I’ve ever met, hasn’t been around yet.  Being a smaller cat, she has a special place that she squeezes under in inclement weather.  I’ve never been able to figure out where she goes.  There is a tell tale sign on her back where her fur gets trimmed off; she goes somewhere.

My studio is looking mighty festive.  Five of my girls are dressed in their holiday finery, and another one is almost ready.  I’ve brought out a few decorations too.  We don’t decorate the house for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but getting my studio ready helps me get in the spirit for making Christmas/holiday ensemble.

11-03-17 803

This is the “sweets” tree as everything on it has to do with yumminess.  I usually put it on the hearth, but decided it would be perfect in my studio, for now anyway.

11-03-17 800

Little stuffies in Santa’s sleigh.

11-03-17 786

Teeny tiny things, many are vintage dime store ornaments from my mom and grandma, decorate this Boyds Bears potting bench.

11-03-17 814

I hung up one of my two poinsettia botanical bouquets in my studio.  This framed piece was part of my very last published pattern; I cross stitched it about 15 years ago.  I remember trying to get all of the nuances in color when designing the poinsettia for this chart.  I also wanted to get as many types of holiday greenery in the bouquet as possible.  The metallic gold/silver balls were a fun addition, but a challenge to work.  I’m not sure I like working with metallic thread.

11-03-17 807

Kish Tulah is wearing something holiday-ish I made years ago.  Can you tell she is a dog lover?

And, here are my girls.  Aren’ they cute?

Lucy, Alice, Gina, Rose, and Millie eagerly await picture day.  Patience is still in the dressing room, but she’ll be wearing something new too.

Here is a close up of Millie’s snowman.  Rose’s is almost identical but with different colors.  Patience will also have a snowman.

millie little frosty 742

That’s all for today.  I wish you all a fabulous early November weekend.  Enjoy these next few weeks before the hectic holiday season starts up.



4 thoughts on “Holiday Spirit in My Studio

  1. Joy

    Oh how fun! The little tree with the adorable ornaments/doll props is so cute. And the potting bench is perfect to display all of those tiny things so they aren’t lost. Your cross stitch just shows off your unending talent. I’m thinking this can stay displayed for at least 6 months. Love green and red. The new dresses are lovely too as are the sweaters. Look forward to seeing your photos soon and hope the rain clears to sparkling sunshine.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy. Happy Sunday to you! A little secret about this tree–I never undecorated after Xmas 2016; all I had to do was carry it up from the basement, and plop it on the table, too easy. Thank you for the compliment on my poinsettia cross stitch piece. Yes, green and red are all over the place here. Patience’s is a little different, red and green and aqua. We never saw the sun yesterday; ’twas wet all day. This morning it is foggy and misting. Hmm, wonder if we’ll see that shy sun today. I hope so! Enjoy your Sunday, Joy! ❤


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