A Sweet Reprieve

A lucky girl was I this past weekend.  My nephew got married . . . in Naples, Florida!  I went from this sunrise at O’Hare Airport (Chicago skyline 18 miles away in the background) on Friday morning . . .

o'hare airport sunrise 3744

. . . to this sunset on a Naples beach Friday night.

naples sunset 7332-1

naples 7328

It was pretty chilly (sweater weather) when we arrived, but compared to the temperature we left behind I was not complaining one bit.  By the time we left on Sunday it felt like beach weather. 😮

naples 3745

The wedding reception was held at The Naples Beach Hotel.  Before the reception we had hors d’oeuvres on the lawn, which was right next to the beach.  Yes, the view was amazing!  We had a view of the Gulf of Mexico during the indoor reception, too, but I must admit I didn’t notice; the reception was that much fun.  We stayed until the very end; all the guests that were still around sent the bride and groom off through a pathway of glittering sparklers.

naples 3749

We didn’t spend much time in the hotel room, but this was the view we had.

naples 3752

This was early Sunday morning on the beach; it was still cool.

We arrived back home on Sunday night.  Weather delayed our flight so I didn’t get to bed until after 1:00 am on Monday morning.  Yesterday was a day of recovering from all of the excitement,  and catching up on lost sleep.  (At my age, it takes extra time.)

Another week of holiday break with my college student, then everyone is back to work.

FYI, we’ve warmed up here in northern Illinois.  I got a brisk walk in yesterday, and will get another one in today.  The temperature is already above freezing and the sun is shining.  Yay!

Have a wonderful day, my friends. ❤




4 thoughts on “A Sweet Reprieve

  1. Joy Rose

    Now that sounds like the perfect wedding/reception. The photos were beautiful.
    Rain is over for this week. Just got back from a walk which was lovely with sun and glittering leftover drops everywhere.
    My newby Kaiulani, Kai for short arrived yesterday in the pouring rain. I didn’t go for the Cupcake either as I have a Meadow Patti coming soon I hope.
    Glad your cold snap is over for now.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy. Thank you! We all made some wonderful memories. Congrats on your new LD, Kai. I would love to see a photo of her if you get the chance to take one. How many LDs are you up to now? It sounds like Kai is your last. I don’t have any current plans to add to my doll family right now. We will see if any cuties call my name. Have a great day, Joy.


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