This Week So Far

Hello.  I’ve made some progress this week so far.  Yay!

We woke to a rainy morning yesterday.  I was determined that this rainy day and Monday was not going to get to me.  It was actually the perfect morning to settle down in my studio and finally get some embroidery work done, specifically this sweater coat!  Yes, that’s right, another project started in early December!

01-22-2018 3792For me, embroidering my doll sweaters is like exercise—I’m happy when it’s done.  It’s not that I hate embroidering, it’s just that embroidering on knitwear is so unpredictable.  Sometimes the embroidery fairies are helpful and sometimes they are little terrors— knotting the back of my work, sending the floss where I don’t intend it to go, choosing the wrong colors for me.  Yesterday they were helpful little fairies, which I was most thankful for.  By 3:00 pm I was finished.

01-22-2018 3794

Mother Nature was treating us well today too.  She stopped the rain and brightened the sky so that some sunshine could peek through, and the temperature was the cherry on top, quite warm for January.  I was able to squeeze in a brisk walk to catch the setting sunshine and watched as the fog started rolling in.  Really, it was quite beautiful.

fog january 2018 3796

fog january 2018 520

fog january 2018 521

And then, Mother Nature played a joke on us this morning.  Not even the television weather people got this right.

snow out window 536

snow out window 533

snow bird feeder 545

snow 552

Snowfalls when the temperature is barely at freezing are the amazing.  The snow clings to everything; it reminds me of flocked Christmas trees.

fireplace 2018 554

fireplace 2018 556

It’s definitely a “fire in the fireplace” kind of day.  I hope you enjoy your day, wherever you may be.

Sending you a warm hug from northern Illinois. ❤



6 thoughts on “This Week So Far

  1. Susette

    What a lovely post and for sharing your weather with us. I live in Southern California where it is sunny and 72 today. We could use some snow and rain, believe it or not.. Do you place a backing inside the sweater when you embroider? All of your creations are wonderful.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Susette. Your weather sounds heavenly. Too bad we can’t transport back and forth on a whim; I could use a little sunshine today, however, the sky is as white as snow.

      I have never backed my knitwear a backing. The work seems too small. I can imagine the corners of the backing getting caught up in the threads and then when trying to trim away the excess, probably trimming away where I shouldn’t.

      Thank you for the compliment on my work and also commenting. Enjoy your CA weather, Susette! ❤

  2. Joy Rose

    Your photos are a feast today. I especially enjoyed the snow pics. How exciting to see all of that beauty. And then the warm fuzzy fireplace with the looking out the window beyond. Love it.
    Hope the kitties are keeping warm somewhere.
    My little Meadow doll Patti arrived and surprise right behind was her sister Tella. Now those two really need clothes. They are currently all bundled up in an large American Girl furry coat. They are both Patsy/Ann Estelle size with a few changes and are fully articulated. Strangely, they both have the exact size feet as Penny who is shorter.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello, Joy. I’m glad you enjoyed looking at the snow here in IL. It still looks the same today, so another day and then, maybe a warm up again. The kitties are doing great, eating a lot.
      How exciting! Two new girls to add some excitement to January. That’s great that you don’t need new patterns for them. And how great that you don’t need new shoes! Penny is such a short and squat cutie pie, isn’t she? Her short legs and bigger feet help her stand up so nicely, though. I don’t think she’s ever toppled over on me. *sigh* (She’d like something new to wear, too.)
      Enjoy your new girls… and your glorious sunshine, none here today. The sky is as white as the snow on the ground. ❤

  3. Karen L. King-Gonzales

    Beautiful sweater and snow photos! We should get some snow in a few days, but it does not last long. But it rained the last 2 days! We have sunshine for-cast for the rest of the week! Anyway; have you tried using a tear away type of interfacing behind your embroidery? Even a loose weave cotton or linen patch may help, as you can pull out the threads later. Thanks for the inspiration! I have a box of dolls I acquired to make clothes for. Just need to finish organizing my 2 personal rooms!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Karen. Thank you for the embroidery suggestion. I will keep on the lookout for something that might work for a tiny scale. It might make things easier and more predictable.
      Sounds like you have some fun times ahead, sewing and creating for your “new” dolls. And, organizing a craft space is always quite rewarding, even though it IS a lot of work. I love working in a newly organized space even if my spaces don’t stay that way for long.
      Our snowfalls aren’t sticking around either, but that is perfectly fine with me. It’s so cozy watching the snow fall onto the bare landscape. I love that.
      Thanks so much for commenting, Karen. Wishing you a great day! ❤


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