This and That for Saturday!

Hi all!  Did you have a nice Groundhog Day?  Yep, he saw his shadow—another 6 weeks of winter.  I’m betting winter will extend past that 6 week mark, maybe 10 weeks!  What do you think?

My husband and I spent yesterday evening watching the movie “Groundhog Day”.  It was filmed in a nearby town that we frequently visit.  We had fun trying to pick out the filming spots and what is there now.  The filming probably took place in 1992, so things have changed.  My husband is really good at spotting the areas, not me so much.  The bed and breakfast that  Bill Murray stayed in was recently sold.  In case you are curious as to what it looks like you can see that here.  I don’t believe they filmed inside, but definitely outside.  I think it operated as a bed and breakfast for a while, but not sure what it is currently being used for.

This little orchid blossom is just opening this very morning!  She’s itty bitty, and is one of three buds on a short stem.  This is my last remaining phalaenopsis orchid plant. 😦  I must say that that’s a very good reason to visit a somewhat local orchid greenhouse.  It’s huge (4 acres!) and makes you feel as if you’re on a tropical vacation.

2018 phal orchid 3863

stack of cowls 643

My stack of cowls is growing.  I just finished the white one.  My next cowl will be the Bobble Cowl by Joji Locatelli.  It is much longer than these three, so will be on my needles for awhile.  I want to dye a skein of fingering weight merino single ply in a very light tonal or barely there gradient.  Sorry dollies, I know this skein was meant for you.

As for dolly stuff, I will be embroidering today.  See, I’m all set up and ready to go.  Once I get started I will be fine—no more procrastinating.

02-03-18 657

Oh, one more thing… I didn’t start out collecting doll books, but as you can see it is turning into that.  I don’t think I can pass up a book with the word “doll” in the title or a doll illustration on the cover.  “House of Dolls” just arrived last week, and is my tiniest book yet.  A few of these books have been recommended by some of you.  Thank you!  I’ve enjoyed them all very much and reread them often.  Any more suggestions? 🙂

stack of doll books 642

I still have to share my heart sachets with you.  Tomorrow, I will try.  This post is already all over the place.

Wishing you all a great Saturday!

Thank you so much for spending some time with me today. ❤

7 thoughts on “This and That for Saturday!

  1. Donna

    I have two suggestions for you, Cindy. One is an old book, the other is new.

    “The Book of Live Dolls” by Josephine Scribner Gates” was first published in 1901, but is still delightful today. I read it first as an 8-year-old in 1955. A secondhand copy was under my Christmas tree last year and it was like finding an old friend.

    “The Dollhouse Romance” by Emily Asad was published in 2016. The book’s cover is one of Martha Boer’s wonderful doll photos. Although not about dolls per se, the book is a good read.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Donna. Thanks so much for your book suggestions. I will look into them for my “collection”. I especially love old books. I am currently working my way through all that was written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I am on the last novel in the “Anne of Green Gables” series. I never read these as a girl, but love these heartwarming stories now. Enjoy your day, Donna! ❤

  2. Joy Rose

    Orchid jealousy here. It is lovely.
    Your cowls will be perfect for those winter days still to come, according to Mr. Groundhog. 🙂
    Your vignette of corals/pinks and turquoise is so heavenly on the eyes. Looking forward to seeing the recipient.
    And your doll books are wonderful. I do believe I have several of the same.
    Crab feed tonight. Game day tomorrow. Big weekend.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      My one tiny little orchid blossom… I’m not even sure the other buds will open, Joy. I found a photo from 8 years ago and my bay window was filled with orchid plants. Now, other than the one orchid and my pot of succulents, the bay window is filled with a huge cheetah printed pillow and blanket that often holds a tiny chihuahua. How times change!
      I’m imagining your crab feed party in the warmth and sunshine (I even see a beach) as I look outside and see the snow swirling around in the icy cold air. Even Morris won’t come out for breakfast.
      Still didn’t finish the embroidery, maybe halfway done.
      Enjoy the game! You know where we’ll be—inside where it’s warm. Thanks, Joy! ❤

  3. Terrigirl2018

    Hi Cindy, Yes groundhog day was in the single digits here and lower with windchill! You are right about the end of winter, it will be 10 weeks at least for us , maybe in that area of PA getting close to the ohio border it will be 6 weeks! That’s what I forgot to do on Friday, look for what channel would be showing the movie! I love the movie, I should get it on dvd. I didn’t know it was filmed in your area, I will look up the town and it would be nice to go there someday! Oh wow the orchid plant is so pretty! A taste of spring . I love the colors of your cowls , they will be so nice to have right now! Your post is absolutely fine Cindy, a little bit of everything! I really like spending time with you Dear, happy Sunday, hugs, Terri xo. My latest post –

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Good morning, Terri. Yes, I am gearing up for many more weeks of winter. I think if I expect it it won’t be so hard, so now it’s 10 more weeks minus three days. lol You all have it much harder than us—I should probably be quiet, right?
      I’ll check out your blog, thanks for the link. ❤


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