The Last Couple of Weeks

Hello, my friends!  How are you?

We’ve just wrapped up a beautiful springlike week.  We also had a gorgeous Easter weekend; it was just perfect weather.  After weather like that and a glance at the calendar I thought spring was here to stay.  But, Mother Nature is at it again, just started to snow on this April 27th morning!  They are predicting over 8″.  Yikes!  Not again!  Another snowman?  Maybe a snow girl this time?  BTW, that last snowman my husband and daughter built didn’t even last 24 hours.  Poor thing!  In case you missed seeing our snowman…

snowman 4-14-2019 379

Our pink magnolia tree is in full bloom.  I love these colors and it makes a pretty backdrop for photos.  Patience had her photo taken here in 2015.  Her photos are some of my favorites.

Gina, my Little Darling, is wearing an ensemble that is all rosy and lilac, the perfect colors to use in front of this magnolia tree.  I took her out during yesterday’s evening golden hour and quickly snapped a few photos of my gorgeous Gina.

springtime beauty 497

sprintime beauty 487

The day before Easter (Holy Saturday) my husband, daughter, and I visited the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  Yes, again; we love it her so much–we have a membership.  This is my happy place.  When I am here I feel at peace.  Seriously, if given the opportunity I would move just to be as close as possible to the gardens.  Walking distance would be nice!

Unlike when we last visited the daffodils and magnolia trees were in full bloom.


The tulips looked like they were almost ready (next time), although we did find a few in bloom.  I thought these pots of tulips/crocuses at the entrance to the English Walled Garden arranged on risers was nice.


A garden that we’ve recently started visiting is the Enabling Garden. It is a hands-on teaching garden that encourages gardening for people of all ages and abilities.  Some of the beds were raised at the perfect level for a wheel chair to slide underneath.  I wish I had gotten a photo of these.  I thought that were genius.  I think the Enabling Garden is situated away from the natural flow of foot traffic, so is often very quiet and peaceful which I love.


I have never seen a pansy like this before!  Isn’t is wonderful!


My own pot of pansies has been brought into the sun porch so the poor things don’t get snowed on.  It’s still snowing, but not yet sticking to the grass or pavement; it won’t be long.  *ugh*

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful weekend filled with sunshine and warm breezes.

Thanks for visiting with me today, my friends. ❤  Drop me a comment if you wish; I’d love to hear what you are up to.




9 thoughts on “The Last Couple of Weeks

  1. Linda Doyle

    Oh Cindy, don’t tell me more snow for you! I live about 5 hours away, in St. Louis, and spring is in full swing here, with tulips, dogwood and daffodils in bloom. So pretty! I fully understand the Chicago Botanic Gardens your happy place, since we belong to the Missouri Botanical Gardens and love walking through it many times a year.

    Gina looks especially pretty against the magnolia tree! Love both of the sweaters and wish I could crochet or knit. You certainly have a special gift!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Linda. Luckily, we didn’t get as much as a couple of weeks ago, only a few inches this time. However, it’s enough to hurt the tree blossoms and tiny flowers that have started to grow. I am so happy you have your own botanical garden to visit. Thank you for the compliment on Gina’s ensemble. She is an inspiration to me, as are my other girls. Enjoy your Sunday, Linda. It was so nice to hear from you! ❤

  2. Joy

    More snow? Oh no!
    Love the botanic garden photos. In fact, I immediately had to look up that viola as I don’t remember ever seeing it before either. It is: Viola Angel Tiger Eye. Comes in the yellow and a red too. Not sure if you can order plants or have to grow from seed. Very unusual and lovely.
    Patience and Gina look radiant as always.
    No snow here, and back to lovely weather after our hot splash of 93 the other day. Too hot for me. Been trying to tackle brush cutting and grass pulling early before the pollen kicks up. Sneeze, sneeze.
    Good to see your post. 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Yes, we got more snow, but not nearly the amount predicted. I think that amount hit a little more south. The few inches we got should melt quickly, but our poor magnolia blossoms… I’ll have to see if I can get that variety of viola to plant. Thank you for looking it up; it sure is interesting. I’m happy to hear you have some comfortable temps again… so now you can get back to those weeds… sorry; I’d help you if I lived closer. The pollen bothers us here too. One benefit of the cold and snow, no sneezing. Thanks for writing, Joy. Enjoy your Sunday! ❤

  3. Wendy Gibbons Marsh

    Good morning Cindy.
    Mother nature certainly does know how to sooth the soul. I to feel at peace in the garden. I have been potting up plants to take to my new home. My magnolia cutiings that I retrieved from my fathers 65 yr old tree, before the sale, seem to be taking. There are some tiny buds appearing. Cross fingers I will get a new tree.
    After a few holdups, I should be in my new home next weekend.
    I love seeing your dolls. It gives me inspiration to again be able to make new outfits for dolls (in my new craft room).
    Our Autumn here in Australia has been unusually warm. We are only now starting to get the cool starts to the day. We still haven’t had any rain and even harsher water restrictions are coming in. No outside watering at all. I will have a large rain water tank at the new place so I will be able to keep my plants alive, which is good.
    Take care Cindy and best wishes to your husband and daughter .

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello, Wendy. How wonderful that your magnolia cuttings are taking. What a loving remembrance of your father to bring to your new home! I hope they continue to flourish in their new surroundings. You are almost in your new home! Yay! I hope the move goes very smoothly. I’ll bet your mind and hands want to start making things for your dolls again, too. Can’t wait to see the beautiful things that come out of your new craft room. Very ingenious to get a large water tank for your new home. I didn’t know Australia got so dry, but you’ve got it figured out. Thank you for the well wishes for my daughter and husband. They are doing well. Let me know how your move goes! Thank you for writing, Wendy. ❤

  4. Terrigirl2019

    Oh my Cindy more snow? How much did you get? You definitely need a snow Girl men have a monopoly on snow! I hope the snow goes fast and you can think spring and pink magnolia’s again. Beautiful pic of patience by the tree! Oh Gina is just so adorable!! I love her pretty dress with its lacy hemline and nice floral print. The cardigan is a nice compliment to the dress and I love her hair bow! I just want to hug her! I am glad you feel at Peace in the botanical Gardens Dear. The fabulous spring growth is a help. I love the Pansies! The magnolia tree is lovely. You can check out my goings on here Have a nice week Dear, Terri xo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Terri. The snow wasn’t as bad as they had predicted. We got a few inches, not enough for a snow girl; it was all melted by the afternoon. Now, back to springtime, I hope. Patience and Gina say ‘thank you’ for the compliment. 🙂 It’s so nice to have a place that brings one peace, isn’t it? I hope you have a wonderful week, Terri. Thanks for writing. ❤


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