Merry Halloween!

Hello my friends, and Happy Halloween!

2019 halloween 046

However…,   I must add that it looks like Christmas here in northern Illinois.

2019 halloween 040

It snowed last night, is still snowing, and will be snowing for trick-or-treating.  The way it’s blowing around as it comes down makes it look like a little blizzard out there.  I cannot remember a Halloween with snow.  Trick-or-treating in a snowstorm seems like a novel experience.  Maybe it will be fun for some–at least I hope so; we have lots of candy.

2019 halloween 054

It is beautiful, as all first snowfalls of the season are!

2019 halloween 052

Many trees still have leaves on their branches which are being weighed down by the wet snow!  I hope they don’t break.

This is what Patience thinks of all the snow.

pumpkin time 968

To see more of this ensemble from 2013 click here for the blog post.

I plan to stay home today and sew!  The dresses for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes are coming along.  I worked many hours on them yesterday getting the pockets sewn on and the neckline ties made.  All I have left to do to finish them is to sew up the back seams, stitch the neck casings/insert the ties, and stitch hems.

2019-10-31 035

I’d also like to get started sewing a Christmas dress for one of my girls today.  Up to now my 2019 Christmas dresses have all been knitted sweater dresses.  I just finished this blue one for the Little Darlings which is blocking.  I changed up my sweater dress pattern slightly by nipping in the waist and rearranging the increases for the a-line skirt.  I added thin mohair bands of ‘fur’ for all the edgings.

2019-10-31 036

Thank you for visiting with me.  Wishing you all a Happy Halloween, not too spooky, just fun-filled and sweet!

Bye for now! ❤

2019 halloween 060


14 thoughts on “Merry Halloween!

  1. Linda D.

    Good heavens, Cindy! Brrrr! What a scene out your window! We are not having quite that much snow, but it is windy and cold here in St. Louis. Not good for trick or treaters! Sweaters are certainly the thing for now and I can’t wait to see what you do to finish up the
    Christmas dresses and sweaters!
    Your last picture looks so warm and cozy!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Linda. We are definitely breaking records today. It is coming down even harder now at lunchtime. We have a real snowstorm. Sorry to hear you are cold too. Right now I am remembering Halloween of 2008 (I think) when it was very warm and sunny–like summertime.
      My girls cannot wait for those dresses to be done either. lol Happy Halloween, Linda. ❤

  2. Joy

    Love seeing your early snow photos! Looks so peaceful. I can just see Patience saying “Oh, no snow!”
    Some young girl will be totally thrilled with her new Christmas dress. Love the prints.
    And the LD dress is beautiful. Might even work as an ice skating dress. Lovely.
    We finally had power restored late yesterday. So glad. And also thankful for the firefighters from all over the west who arrived to stop the Kincade fire from getting any closer. We were next to evacuate. While stuffing things into pillowcases as we packed the car to prepare, I spotted my Dept 56 high up in the closet. (couldn’t bring those) but it reminded me of your lovely display awhile back. Will you be putting up the houses this year?
    Your photos paint a fuzzy warm feeling. Makes me smile.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Oh, Joy! I am so sorry about all the worry you all must go through with the fires. It would be heartbreaking! I am very glad, though, that the firefighters were able to stop it. You must have breathed the hugest sigh of relief. About your power–does it stay off for a certain number or days then they turn it back on? Does it have to do with the wind? Just wondering how it works… I forgot about my Snow Village houses–they haven’t been up for a couple of years. This may be the year. Thank you for the reminder. I’d imagine you couldn’t bring them with you–too large and delicate. Well, I am so very glad that you and your home are safe!!! Sending hugs! ❤ Thank you, Joy.

      1. Joy

        The Public Safety Power Shutoff was designed by PGE, our power company, now in bankruptcy, to prevent fires from their aging lines that they have failed to maintain or put underground. So now the users have to suffer. They look at weather conditions and Red Flag Warnings for wind. Meaning that the power will now often go out when there may be some wind hundreds of miles away. Usually, there will be a warning, but the turning back on is not simple. First they have to check every line that was de energized for damage and only when that has been done, will they turn the power back on. Can take days. Flyovers from helicopters and ground inspections. There are still parts of our county with no power or natural gas as they are still checking. So, a lot of unhappy campers here and I mean campers literally. 🙂

      2. Cindy Rice Post author

        Thanks for explaining all of that, Joy. It sounds like a big mess. I am sorry you are in the middle of it. I hope CA can find a resolution to this problem soon, for all of your sakes. Yes, it IS like camping, although you are all forced into it. Would be really hard for us as we have a well, so no power equals no water–no toilet flushing, etc. EEEk!

  3. Mavis Bryan

    Your home looks so warm and inviting. Gorgeous snow scenes. I miss snow so much. I used to ice skate and loved the snowy days to daydream while looking at the amazing snow flakes hit the windows and melt. Here in South Central Oklahoma it is very rare for snow to fall. I hope you come up with some crochet patterns for dresses and hats for 18″ dolls. I wish I could knit, but I am pretty good with the hooks. You stay warm and enjoy the holiday seasons that are almost here. Really enjoy your newsletters. Thank you Cindy! God Bless You!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Mavis. Thank you. Early morning, when it is still pretty dark, is my favorite time of the day… and it is so fleeting.
      I hear grumbling about the snow all the time–me, included! So it’s really wonderful hearing from you and how much you love snow! We’ve had a LOT of precipitation this year and I’m wondering if it will continue in the form of snow. If so, we’re in for lots of snowy days.
      I LOVE this time before Christmas; it’s so festive and cozy. I definitely WILL enjoy it!
      Have you checked Pixie Faire for 18″ AG crochet patterns? Knitting is more my thing. I do crochet hats and shoes, but they’re for the smaller dolls.
      Thanks, Mavis. ❤

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi! Thanks you. It was a strange feeling getting snow so early. Autumn got pushed out really fast… but thankfully, it is back. I’m not sure for how long though. I have a feeling this is going to be a very trying winter for us. ❤

  4. Terrigirl2019

    Merry belated Halloween Cindy !! I cannot believe you got so much snow , especially when it bypassed us with a dusting. I seen that places like Joliet were going to be getting up to 7 inches! What was your total? I must say it looks beautiful looking out at the snow from your pictures. I agree with Patience’s reaction to the snow! I just love her dress with the polka dots and pretty lace detail. I love your commitment to operation Christmas child. It will be nice sewing a new dress for your Girls also . I hope you had a nice Halloween and weekend, Terri xo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Terri. I know, we couldn’t believe it either! All Halloween day long I had to think about what month it was. We got 7″ also; we are on the WI/IL border. It is gone now, thank goodness, fall is back, but that winter storm cleared a lot of the trees. I have a feeling this winter will not be an easy one–hope I am wrong. Have a great week, Terri. ❤

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