Winter?Autumn? and WIPs

Winter has bullied its way in, and pushed our beautiful autumnal season out! 😦


It doesn’t seem like our 7-inch snowfall on Halloween was a fluke either.  The snow did melt (none too quick though–took a few days!), however, we are still colder than normal and the rooftops are dusted white once again this morning.

I took these pics the day after our big Halloween event!

2019 fall 4750

You can see autumn didn’t get to finish its ‘work’ this year.

2019 fall 4744

Even our front porch squirrels got Halloween snow dumped on them!

2019 fall 4746

So, anyway…  Hello!  On a positive note, with this weather comes more time to spend indoors and create, right?  I’ve got lots of things in progress.  (Probably too many, as my head is starting to feel a bit jumbled–better get some of these things moved to the ‘completed’ list.)

I showed you this dress as it was being knit.  I finished it, blocked it, then tried it on my Little Darling.  The sleeves were too long and a little too wide. 😦  I figured out where I wanted to decrease the sleeves, and then ripped back to that row.  Two decreases and four rows less on each sleeve did the trick.  It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.

2019-11-06 061

I spent the day on Sunday sewing dresses for Gracie and Talyssa, my Kaye Wiggs MSD girls.  I quickly realized that I am out of practice sewing for them–the first dress came out too tight around the waist–no room for the added bulk of a pair of snaps.  If I add a bead and loop closure it could work, but going to put it aside for now.

2019-11-06 064

After this ‘fail’, and so I wouldn’t ruminate over it, I quickly made another and the second dress worked fine.  Yay!  It turns out my skirt width for the first dress was too wide and added too much bulk (with the gathers) to the waist.

2019-11-06 072

2019-11-06 4752

While in my studio sewing I snapped a few photos of my dolls and their ensembles that were pretty-ing up my view.

2019 little darling dresses 066

2019 amelia thimble miniature dresses 073

2019 gina lucy 069

2019 gina lucy 067

Today I’ll probably do some knitting on the cardigan that will accompany the red snowflake dress and start weaving in ends on my three sweater dresses that are waiting to be completed.

I might also brave the cold and go out for an invigorating autumn, or I should say wintery, walk in my neighborhood.  Also, a pot of homemade soup simmering on the stove would be perfect today.

How about you?  What are your plans for the day?

Thank you for stopping by!


13 thoughts on “Winter?Autumn? and WIPs

  1. Linda D.

    Cindy, as I write this, I have a pot of chili on the stove. It is a dreary, drippy, darkish day here, a,Nd leaves are dropping like crazy! While there is no snow here yet, and I do say yet, some flakes are forecast for tonight, so that could happen! A drive yesterday into the country was just wonderful, sunny, crisp and invigorating! Today, not so much!

    I absolutely love your knitted sweaters and dresses! They are so perfectly dainty and precise! Where did you learn to knit? I never was able to get the hang of it, mainly because I am left handed and it seemed all the instructions and instructors were right handed, so I just never did learn well enough to make anything.

    Off to have some chili now!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Linda. Chili! Yum! I ended up making a pot of soup and now I am craving chili. Will have to see about that next.
      We got a dusting of snow last night, too–so cold outside. Brrr! Perhaps autumn will come back for a little bit… pretty please…
      Thank you for the compliment on my work. I taught myself to knit in the 1980s when I purchased one of those mini ‘learn to’ books with lots of illustrations. However, it just taught the basics. I tried my hand at a couple of sweaters, baby blankets and scarves on and off over the years before really getting into it about 10 years ago. The internet has been the best teacher for me–the content that is offered from so many generous knitters is amazing. I can understand that trying to learn left handed would be hard while watching a right handed person. If you are still interested in learning to knit there must be specific videos for left handed knitters???
      I hope you chili was as good as it sounds! Thank you for the suggestion–it will be my next yummy make.
      Have a great day, Linda. ❤

  2. Joy

    Just returned from our daily neighborhood walk. Had fog, but the sun is out now. No snow here or rain either. But happily the fire is now 88% contained which is wonderful news for our county.
    Sorry about the dress problem, but happy the next one is perfect. Sometimes it just happens. I recently made a romper that fit perfectly. Then the next one, way too tight. Why? I grabbed the wrong pattern that I had sized for the next down in size. Oh well, fortunately I had extra fabric. But I wasn’t happy.
    All the dresses hanging in a row are so inspiring. Luscious colors.
    Your autumn tree with snow photo is stunning especially with the bright blue sky. And that one of the squirrels and rocker covered with snow would make a great Christmas card. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy. That IS great news about the fire being contained. How scary! I hope the worry is over now–so hard to live like that.
      Thanks for sharing that you also had a fit problem. Yes, it happens, but is always a bummer. Even though it wasn’t the intended recipient, at least you had a doll to fit the romper?
      Usually snow is on bare branches not orange autumn leaves, so it is a strange site, and the leaves are still hanging on a week later. We have a light dusting of snow again this morning and it is 28 degrees, but feels like 20. Brrr! Amazingly cold for early November! It’s almost too cold to go out for a walk. This usually doesn’t happen until January around here. Oh well, Mother Nature is full of surprises for all of us, isn’t she?
      Thanks, Joy. Have a nice Thursday. ❤

  3. Maria PERALDI

    La neige embellit tout et le paysage autour de chez toi est magnifique.
    Mais si j’aime la neige, c’est juste pour quelques jours, il ne faut pas que cela dure trop longtemps.
    Tes petites créations aux aiguilles ou en tissu sont adorables. Tes poupées ont bien de la chance!
    Je te souhaite une belle journée.
    Bises amicales

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Salut Maria. Je conviens que la neige est belle, mais elle doit fondre le plus tôt possible, de toute façon pour moi. En hiver, il ne fond pas pendant plusieurs semaines. Il devient très sale et n’est pas si joli. Mais ces premières neiges fondent vite et sont belles. Merci d’avoir écrit et complimenté mon travail. ❤ J'espère que vous passez un bon vendredi.
      Hi, Maria. I agree that the snow is pretty, but it needs to melt as soon as possible, for me anyway. When we get further into winter it doesn't melt for many weeks. It gets very dirty and is not so pretty. But these early snows melt quickly and are beautiful. Thank you for writing and complimenting my work. ❤ I hope you're having a nice Friday.

  4. Terrigirl2019

    Oh my gosh Winter can be such a bully alright Cindy ! We got snow and really cold temps this week, down to 7 degrees and an inch and a half of snow. It is going to be cold next week too. Its not right having leaves and snow on a tree at the same time! That knit dress is so pretty, good job Cindy ! Aww , we all get out of practice every now and then whatever we are doing. The dresses on the hangers are just gorgeous and so feminine. My favourite is the lavendar cardigan with the all pink floral print! The girls look so happy in their knit dresses . It is good to brave the weather and go for a Winter walk. Homemade soup sounds so good right now ! I have been doing housework and Laundry today after writing my blogpost. Have a nice night Dear, Terri xo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Terri. After a rather ‘warm enough’ weekend to get all of our leaves raked up and burned it is once again wintery and cold this morning. It’s been snowing since bedtime last night, is still snowing, and will be snowing all morning. *sigh* Didn’t see the snow by you–that’s great news. I hope to get lots of embroidering completed today as I will not be going ANYWHERE. Have a nice Monday, Terri. ❤

      1. Terrigirl2019

        How much snow did you get in total Cindy? We didn’t get much snow but we definitely got Cold temperatures! I hope you got your embroidery done yesterday. Stay warm Dear, Terri xo.

  5. Jean Tuthill

    I am very interested in the Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes, but am too late this year to participate. I would like to do this for next year though. I have made many dresses for an African Charity in the past and enjoyed it very much. I will research more on my end as to where and when to drop off some boxes in the future. On another note, I purchased you headwarmer pattern for LD’s a few weeks ago and love the pattern. It worked up quickly and looks so good. I still have to do the embroidery on it. It will go with the classic sweater that I made last Fall. So cute, I love doing them! My girls look so gorgeous in your designs…

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Jean. Collection for the shoeboxes are between Nov. 18-25. The first couple of years I participated I made one or two shoeboxes with purchased items. That didn’t take long at all, and it was fun to shop and pick up little things.
      Thank you for letting me know you have enjoyed my Little Darling Headwarmer pattern. They look so cute wearing these, don’t they? I’m thinking of knitting one up for the blue sweater dress I have in the works. Thank you, Jean. ❤ Have a nice Monday.


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