Daily Archives: December 7, 2019

It’s the Christmas Season!

Hello from yet another dreary day in northern Illinois.  Although it is not too cold and NO SNOW!–only frosty rooftops this morning.  (I will not complain.)  So many of you have LOTS of SNOW and COLD!  Anyway… it is cozy and warm inside.

Christmas is fast approaching!  Because we were out of town on our usual tree farm day (day after Thanksgiving), we don’t have our tree yet!  We did get our Snow Village put up this year though.  We (my dear husband) divided the houses up between the dining room and family room.  This way we can enjoy them in two different areas of the house.

Here are some pics from the dining room display.  Two houses, a church, the flower shop, and ice rink are set up on the buffet cabinet across from the dining table.  While in the living room we can look over and enjoy them.

2019 snow village 295

2019 snow village 300

I set up my camera on a tripod for the following pics.  It was quite dark, so the exposures were long.  The images came out cozy and dreamy, love that.

2019 snow village 312

2019 snow village 302

2019 snow village 305

Two of my Little Darling ensembles are on their way to dress two Little Darling girls in new finery for the 2019 holiday.  I enjoyed packing them up and tying the parcels with coordinating yarn.

2019-12-06 4842


My two Little Darlings, Alice and Gina, are still dressed in their holiday ensembles in my sewing room.  If you are shopping for something new they are still available.  Alice and Gina wouldn’t mind sharing 🙂 .  Look for the specifics for these ensembles under the ‘Available’ tab above.

alice gina 2 221.jpg


Not sure what I am doing today.  Definitely no traipsing through a tree farm.  My back has been giving me a little trouble, so I just want to sit the day away as sitting is pain free and walking isn’t.  Back pain is a bother.  *ugh*

What are you doing today?  Any Christmas prep going on by you?