Bella Has Been “Mushroom Hunting”

2022, as is autumn, seems to be fading fast. This morning it is snowing here in northern Illinois–and will continue on and off until tomorrow morning. *sigh* I never feel ready for the first snowfall. There are always a jumble of phrases going through my head. Mostly I hear “n-o-o-o-o not yet–too early”, or something silly like that. Last Thursday I was out for a walk in shorts and a tank top (and was still very warm), and the begonias were still blooming. *sighing again*

Anyway,… on to sweet Bella (a Ruby Red Fashion Friend) who has been pestering me to show you her brand new fall ensemble. She may have snuck out mushroom hunting, so I apologize if she has soiled her dress. 😉

Bella’s knitwear is made with the softest silk yarn. It is a little hard to knit with, so I only purchased it in this one color–and also it was quite pricey. But, oh, the luxury! Bella loves it! It is a now discontinued yarn from Knit Picks, Diadem Fingering (50% Baby Alpaca, 50% Mulberry Silk) in the Pearl Solid color way. Maybe you have some in your stash?

I crocheted a gathering basket out of 10lb. hemp cord. It is rustic and gives the effect of an authentic basket. Bella has gathered a few interesting mushrooms. They have been knit with fingering weight wool in coordinating colors and embellished with various beads.

Bella’s dress fabric is one of my all time favorite prints. It’s so cozy, colorful, and mushroom-y. I find mushrooms very interesting… The fabric is from 2015–“Faraway Forest” by Lizzie Mackay by Blend. I previously used this fabric for a Little Darlings ensemble in 2016. You can see that post here.

Bella and I are wishing you a great day. We are making a conscious effort to enjoy the beautiful “white stuff” happening outside. What do you see outside your window? Please say hello. I’d love to hear from you❤️❤️❤️!

17 thoughts on “Bella Has Been “Mushroom Hunting”

  1. justingridb

    Hi Cindy,
    Another lovely outfit : ) Bella looks so cozy and warm while hunting for those tasty mushrooms.
    On the weather topic I can’t complain. Here in western New York It’s been so nice for all of October and into November. We finally had a dusting the other day but was completely gone the next day.

    Stay warm and have a great day!
    Dolly hugs

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thanks so much, Ingrid. Bella surely needs, and will need, all the knitwear she can get as the weather has turned wintery here. And, it is still lightly snowing this morning. You have had a beautiful autumn; it can be such a beautiful and colorful season. Enjoy the rest of your week!❤️

  2. Joy

    Aw, Bella looks adorable in the mushroom hunting outfit. Love the sweet hat. Looks like she has had success as well in the mushroom department.
    Here in northern CA, it was another morning of below 32. Way too cold for this time of year here, so I can sympathize. Heading out to rake more leaves. The cold snap has made many more head to the ground. 🙂
    Take care.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello Joy, and thank you. ❤️ No more mushrooms here–glad she had a chance to find a few mushrooms. All is white out there now. I didn’t think you got that cold in CA! Brrr! Our leaves either blew away or are covered by snow. We have someone do fall clean up, but he didn’t get to us yet. It will probably become spring clean up now. I hope it warms up a bit by you. Enjoy the rest of your week! 🍂

  3. Dee Scott

    We were having short sleeves weather last week in the Nashville, TN area. A cold front brought rain, freezing temperatures and some flurries. Today it’s gloomy and cold. I always enjoy seeing your lovely creations. I have been neglecting my 2 Little Darlings while renovating part of the house. Got to make them something new for Christmas.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Dee. Your weather sounds like ours, but we are probably colder than you are now. And I hear we will get even colder next week. Brrr!
      So nice to have updates at home–enjoy your new spaces. And, I hope you can squeeze in a few moments to make something for your Little Darlings. They are such patient little ones, aren’t they?
      Thank you, Dee. ❤️ Have a nice ‘rest of the week’!

  4. Debbie

    I am supposed to be packing for a 10 day holiday trip to be with family and friends, instead I am reading your blog post, savoring the photos of Bella’s new outfit. I have clicked on all of the links to see what I missed before I resumed doll collecting after a 20 year hiatus. I was introduced to your artistic and beautiful creations by searching Pinterest for dress ideas for my new flock of Little Darlings. There is a lot to look at because I missed so much! So very lovely.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Aww, thanks so much, Debbie. Welcome back to doll collecting. Twenty years ago when you left doll collecting I was just starting to get interested in dolls again (since my youth). I can feel your renewed excitement through your words! The Little Darlings are beauties, aren’t they?
      Enjoy your holiday! I hope you had enough time to pack.😉

  5. Debbie

    Cindy, I love this version of the mushroom dress as much as the one for Little Darling years ago. Thank you for sharing photos of your latest creation.


  6. Jean Tuthill

    Hi Cindy, I love her little mushroom outfit. The silk sweater and little hat are so sweet! I have made several of your patterns and will be knitting more very soon. Love them!

  7. Terrigirl2021

    Hi Cindy !! 2022 is fading fast for sure ! We got 2 inches of snow a week ago and it is starting to melt as temps are in the 40s today and tomorrow at least. I can understand you going out in shorts and a tank top and then from nowhere comes the snow! Awww Bella is gorgeous in her dress , I do not think she soiled her dress! I would not be going with her as I cannot eat mushrooms! Great job as usual in creating every little detail Cindy . She did find some interesting mushrooms! The dress fabric looks really soft and really nice to wear. I am glad you a re both enjoying the white stuff ! It is sunny here as I look out, with snow gradually dissappearing ! I can send pics if u want , Have a lovely black Friday, hugs to all the girls, Terri xo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Terri. Thanks for stopping by to chat. Bella has enjoyed her mushroom picking adventure and is now ready to get ready for the holidays. She says, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Let’s get ready!” I hope your holiday preparations are going well. The preparations are pretty slow going over here. We’d better get a move on… December flies by in a nanosecond.
      All of our snow has been gone when we had a warm(er) spell. It’s cold again here though–below freezing all day long. 🥶 Enjoy the weekend Terri! I hope it’s lovely and productive. 🎄❤️

      1. Terrigirl2021

        Your so welcome Cindy ! I am getting my preparations done step by step ! WE have a white blanket on the ground here after our Tuesday fall of 8 inches !! It has been nice and productive, I hope yours is as well, Terri xo.

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