Holly’s Turn!

Here is my sweet Holly (Ruby Red Fashion Friend named Stella) in her new ensemble called, “My Delicate Rose”. If you like lilac and pink… BTW, my dear grandmother’s two favorite colors were lilac and pink. I hope she is smiling down on Stella and loving her new look.

I think this floral print is absolutely gorgeous. I wish that I had purchased more than 1/2 yard of this one. It is long gone, I’m afraid. I think I have just enough for one more doll dress. It’s a beauty, isn’t it? The precious piece of tatted lace I had in my stash is the perfect icing on this cupcake.

Holly’s cardigan is the perfect shade of lilac, and so very fuzzy and soft. I let the embroidery on this one go nice and slow. I carefully worked at it over the course of a few sessions. I am very pleased with the end result.

I felt a simple hair ribbon to be the perfect piece to adorn Holly’s locks. It matches the sash, but is slightly narrower. Anklets too, seemed perfect. A pretty bouquet and butterfly adorned bracelet complete this spring ensemble.

Holly picked these flowers just for you! She says, “With love, from Holly” ❤️

As the spring (or autumn) season finishes up I am wishing you all beautiful days ahead. Sending hugs🤗 from my studio.

9 thoughts on “Holly’s Turn!

  1. Dee Scott

    Lilac and pink are my favorite colors also. Her outfit is sweet, and a lovely tribute to your grandmother. I can tell a lot of love and attention to detail went into its creation. Love the bouquet she picked 🌸. That was so thoughtful.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Nicola. ❤️ Maybe in the future. Right now I am in ‘making’ mode, not ‘writing pattern’ mode. It is hard for me to switch back and forth easily, so I tend to spend a large chunk of time in each.

      1. nicolabutchersgmailcom

        Yes 2 different thought processes would be hard to flick back and forth through. Your outfits are lovely and I did spot a KW pattern you have 🙂, so of course, I’ve got to try it 😄

  2. Terrigirl2023

    It certainly is Holly’s turn and what a statement she is making Cindy ! How nice that your Grandma loved lilac and pink , it is a great combination. The dress looks amazing and I love how vibrant the floral print on the dress is. It sure is a beauty ! The lace is a really nice trim for the dress. The embroidery is really well done , but of course t is , you did it !! Thanks Holly for the pretty flowers, it is soooo sweet of you ! Sending hugs back to you and Holly 🌷🌺🌷 Terri xo. PS :- We are going to Ireland on Saturday for 13 days !!!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you so much, Terri❤️ So far Holly is thinking she gets to keep this one for herself as no one has claimed it yet. “We’ll see if that proves to be true,” I told her.
      I hope you have the perfect trip to Ireland–zero travel issues, beautiful weather, and lots of happy memories made with your family! Oh, and lots of yummy food! I’m hoping to see photos. BTW, I almost went to Ireland with my husband in 1990(?) when he went on a business trip. However, my grandmother just had had surgery and I spent my vacation time with her instead. Although I was happy to help her, I was sad to have missed the opportunity.
      Wishing you the best!!!❤️

      1. Terrigirl2023

        If I could wear It I would definitely claim it Cindy! Thank you so much Cindy I do hope it goes well. We have a long layover in Boston so we are going to go downtown for a bit. We arrive in Ireland at 11:00 a.m. Sunday morning. It was nice that you got to help your grandma, but I hope another trip to Ireland is coming soon for you. You have to tell your husband that unlike me you can get direct flights from O’Hare!! You can gradually get the ball rolling! Have a wonderful day, Terri ❤️❤️❤️

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