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“Autumn Leaves in Color” for the Little Darlings

Gina is here to show off another autumn ensemble (this is my last for the Little Darlings) that I have made for her.  I fell in love with this tiny oak leaf cotton print and just had to buy it to make a fall dress for a certain sweetie.  The colors of the leaves in pumpkin, warm red, greens, and greys are so pretty.

autumn leaves in color 343

autumn leaves in color 359

This vintage styled headband (hat) design was floating around in my head and seemed to work nicely with the ensemble.  I designed the sweater with sleeves wide enough to go over the dress and a tad bit shorter to let the dress’s sleeves peek out a bit.

autumn leaves in color 351

Wool felt leaf appliques are hand cut and embroidered onto the sweater and headband.  Do you like my tiny acorns?  They are bronze Czech glass crystals with a curved bullion stitch at the top.

autumn leaves in color 386

At the top of the lace are alternating hand sewn 14k gold filled beads and topaz colored seed beads.

autumn leaves in color 376

I have been trying on and off to make a sleeved dress pattern where I can neatly hide those raw edges and not drive myself crazy in the process.  Finally…I did it.  The armhole sleeve seam allowances are tucked underneath the lining which is hand stitched and the sleeve’s hems and underarm seams are doubled over and hand stitched.  The result is an inside with no seam allowances or raw edges showing.  I know, you’re probably thinking I’m crazy, right?  These little things make me happy, sorry.

autumn leaves in color 393

autumn leaves in color 399

For more information on Gina’s new ensemble please visit my website’s “Available for Sale” page.

It’s Starting to Feel a Lot Like Christmas…is Right Around the Corner

My little Amelia Thimble has been very, very busy lately.  I have a handful of tiny “Christmasy” dresses made and she has had to model all of them.  I must say that she did a very good job, looking as cute modeling the last dress as she did modeling the first.  After Amelia’s job was done I told her that it would be a good idea to lie down and take a nap.  She is such a little thing after all.  However,  my dear tiny Amelia wanted to chat with the new girl, who isn’t much bigger than she is.  More on the new girl later…

Here is my first set of dresses.  They are all knit out of super kid mohair/silk lace weight yarn.  This yarn is so soft and fuzzy.  I love it, but the fuzziness of it requires some patience when embroidering on it.  I found myself always pulling those long mohair strands out of my embroidery.  Grrr!  Well worth the bit of aggravation though, don’t you think?

so holiday soft  636

This trio of super kid mohair/silk dresses all have holiday themed embroidery.  The pink dress is embroidered with a large red poinsettia at the waistline, mint green evergreen boughs, and clear seed beads.  The lilac dress is embroidered with smaller poinsettias in pink and red.  I added clear seed beads to this dress also. I think they give an icy effect to the embroidery.

tiny poinsettia 633

flowers for holidays b 647

I love this shade of blue.  I know blue isn’t typically a Christmas color, but it seemed to work as a holiday dress when embroidered with holly.  I just had to add some pink roses too.

so holiday soft 591

tiny poinsettia 595

flowers for holidays 596

I hope you enjoyed this tiny taste of the upcoming holiday season.  For more information, please check my website.

3 mohair xmas dresses 943

New Things

I had a very productive and creatively fulfilling last couple of weeks.  Here are some new things that I’ve been working on that I put into a new outfit for Dianna Effner’s Little Darling dolls.

P1110626ebay  P1110606ebay P1110583ebay

I changed up my dress pattern a bit and put in princess seams and a lace collar.  This beautiful english lace is from authenticlace on eBay.  I hand pleated the lace and inserted it into the neckline for a collar.  I am very happy with how this dress turned out.

My usual cardigan sweaters did not fit with the collar of this dress so I came up with this capelet design.  The pattern took some trial and error and a lot of math to get it just the way I wanted it.  I think it shows off the dress nicely and is so delicate.  I really love this tiny accessory.  This is my second knit that I have incorporated beadwork into and love how they look in knitwear.  Thanks to Knit Picks for the tutorial on beading.  I have zillions of beads in my stash so now I have a new use for them.

After trying all of my usual headpieces, (headbands, felt flowers, bows, Juliet cap)  I made this cloche.  After looking and looking for headpiece alternatives I decided a hat made out of the dress fabrics would be the perfect finishing touch.  I didn’t have a pattern so I made this one myself.  I had an American Girl doll hat pattern that I looked at to see the pattern piece shapes, but outside of that my measuring tape got a lot of use.  I had some unused #30 cotton thread that I had dyed for my tiny Amelia Thimble doll sweaters and the colors were perfect for this outfit.  So with a very tiny crochet hook and lots of patience (my fingers felt huge) I made these tiny rosebuds for hat decorations.  A glass leaf in my stash fit in perfectly with the roses.

Voila!  “Spring Daydreams” is finished.  I put a lot of thought and time into making this outfit all come together, but I think it was worth it.