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Patience & Amelia Thimble Show Off Their New Outfits

Patience and Amelia Thimble (both from Wilde Imagination) are so very excited to show you their new “sister” outfits.

pat am in pink 009

They love their super soft knitwear that I hand knit out of lace weight kid mohair/silk yarn in a shade of pink that reminds me of cotton candy.  I hand embroidered little forget-me-nots in shades of floss to match the print in Patience’s dress.  I gave Amelia an extra flower on her dress, my interpretation of the multi-petaled mum like pink flower.  They are happy girls, can you tell?

tiny flower 027

fall for pink 049

I tucked my delicate new cotton cluny lace between a fold in the skirt.  Love this lace!

I think the colors in this print (Hope Chest by Josephine Kimberling) are so pretty for fall.  The pinks and turquoise blues are muted just enough for autumn.  The terracotta, rust, and green are more typical for this time of year.  I love all of these colors together!  I am always looking for fall color palettes to have “pretty” colors in them.  I typically do not like complete earth tone color palettes.

fall for pink 055

fall for pink 039

tiny flower 082

tiny flower 078

pat am in pink 021

Amelia says, “Thanks for stopping by!”  “Love you guys!”

Both of these OOAK outfits are now available on my website.