Embroidery from 2012

tinyP1100311   tinyP1100139   tinyP1090838   tinyP1090415   tinyP1080904   tinyP1080689   tinyP1080411   tinyP1080524   tinyP1080333   tinyP1080183   tinyP1070939   tinyP1070823   tinyP1070321   tinyP1070287   tinyP1060943   tinyP1060903  tinyP1060053   tinyP1050738   tinyP1100420   tinyP1100458

I like to embroider a little something on the inside lining of my doll dresses.  It’s like a little secret nicety that only the doll and her owner know about.  Here are some of those little embroidery designs that I completed on my skirt linings in 2012.

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