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“A Toasty Warm Autumn” for the Little Darlings

This new 8-piece ensemble called “A Toasty Warm Autumn” will keep every Little Darling who lives in a cooler climate cozy and warm throughout the fall months.  The hand knitwear (sweater, hat, scarf) are all made with Peruvian Highland wool.  The sweater is a bit longer length and the hat has cute ear flaps for those chilly brisk days.  I found that when I keep my neck warm I stay warm so I made a generous scarf to wrap around the Little Darlings neck to help her stay warm too.

a toasty warm autumn 173

a toasty warm autumn 182

Even though it is fall, if you look closely enough you might still be able to find a few blossoms blooming.  Gina made a small bouquet with the blossoms she found.  A pretty blue silk bow is attached to the bouquet along with an elastic cord to help the Little Darlings hold it in their cute little hands.

a toasty warm autumn 189

a toasty warm autumn 212

The fine wale cotton corduroy dress can be dressed up with jewelry and a hair bow.

a toasty warm autumn 208

Most of the fullness in this drop waisted dress is towards the back and sides which give a bustled look to the back of the skirt.

The squirrels here in northern Illinois have been so busy collecting acorns that it got me thinking that I had better get busy with some cool weather wear.  What do you think?  Will it be another cold fall/winter?

For more information on this set please visit my website.

Also, look for a new price on ” Orange You Ready for Fall? ” for the Little Darlings.

“Tiny Punkin”, a dress/hat set for Amelia Thimble

Well, fall is officially here.  Bring on the fall colors!  Here is Amelia Thimble modeling her new fall dress/hat set for you.  It is knit in a hand dyed light shade of pumpkin and hand embroidered with teeny tiny bullion stitched pumpkins, white blossoms, and greenery.  Oh, and every pumpkin needs a perfect little stem.  Amelia’s cap is pumpkin shaped and decorated with more embroidery.

tiny punkin 304

tiny punkin 308

tiny punkin 331

tiny punkin 332

tiny punkin 315

For more information on “Tiny Punkin” please visit my website.  Amelia says, “Thanks for visiting and have a great fall night.”


Orange You Ready for Fall?

My Little Darling, Gina, sure is.  Here she is modeling her new one-of-a-kind fall dress and sweater set.  I’ve had this wool/angora yarn for a few months and finally got to use it for this fall ensemble.  The sweater is so soft and warm I wish I could wear it.  Vertical lace panels decorate the sleeves, front edges, and the back; bronze Czech glass beads button up this cozy sweater.  The dress is a pumpkin color cotton print with lots of wonderful colors used for the flowers and dots.  The dress features a lacy panel on the bodice and a frilly tulle ruffle at the hemline.  The dress is entirely lined in white cotton lawn with all of the seams hidden between the lining and fabric; the lining is also invisibly hand stitched.

I think this set is perfect for picking out the perfect pumpkin in the pumpkin patch, don’t you?

orange you ready for fall 141

orange you ready for fall 151

orange you ready for fall 166

orange you ready for fall 147

orange you ready for fall 157

For more information on Gina’s one-of-a-kind fall ensemble please visit my website.