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Fall?…No… It’s Still Summer!

Fall is right around the corner…!?  No, say it isn’t so!  I think it was just the Fourth of July yesterday.  (thinking about it…)  Oh no… that was almost two months ago.  Yikes.  Where did our summer go?

I do like fall, I really do.  Here in Illinois autumn is usually still feeling warm and usually sunny.  So, no complaints with fall (autumn).  It’s the season that tries to slide in unnoticed right after fall, (and sometimes even before fall has finished up it’s time in the spotlight) now that’s the one that I don’t particularly like and that’s saying it nicely.  Anyway… (I’m not even going to think about that bully of a season right now.)

I’ve been creating some things for fall, but not too fall”ish”.  Don’t want to dive right in when I can get by with simply dipping my big toe in, right?  And, I’m not quite ready to let glorious summertime go.

a rosy autumn 929

First up, is a new ensemble for our favorite Effner Little Darlings.  It is colorful yet with a muted palette goes beautifully this time of year.  Gina’s floral print cotton dress is reminiscent of the 1970’s with it’s folksy feel and the 1980’s with those large cabbage roses.  The muted shades of rose, blue, yellow, green, and white are on a ground of chocolate brown.  See, a fall palette can be quite colorful.  The lace cardigan is hand knit out of fine baby alpaca/silk in a rosy pink tonal colorway.  Tiny Delica seed beads knitted into the sweater add sparkle amongst the lace panels.  Pink glass pearls button up the sweater, if desired.  Gina’s cap is a slightly slouchy style with a hand made tassel.  Both the sweater and cap are hand embroidered, with rosebuds on the sweater and a rose on the cap.  This fall”ish” ensemble is finished off with rosy hued pastel cotton knit tights, a bracelet with a cloisonne bead and metal heart charm, and a white cotton lacy sash that ties in the back.

a rosy autumn 925

Another lace panel is on the center back of sweet Gina’s cardigan.

a rosy autumn 902

a rosy autumn 928


 Next, is a dress/hat set for little Amelia Thimble and Izzy which I call “Tiny Bit for Fall”.  Aster colored colonial knot clusters, warm pink bullion rosebuds, and straight stitched fall grass decorate this hand knit oat colored mohair/silk set.  The tiniest pink satin ribbon bows are sewn onto the dress and hat for some extra “pink”.

tiny bit for fall 974

tiny bit for fall 994

tiny bit for fall 004

tiny bit for fall 972

For more information on these new ensembles, please visit my website.