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“A Toasty Warm Autumn” for the Little Darlings

This new 8-piece ensemble called “A Toasty Warm Autumn” will keep every Little Darling who lives in a cooler climate cozy and warm throughout the fall months.  The hand knitwear (sweater, hat, scarf) are all made with Peruvian Highland wool.  The sweater is a bit longer length and the hat has cute ear flaps for those chilly brisk days.  I found that when I keep my neck warm I stay warm so I made a generous scarf to wrap around the Little Darlings neck to help her stay warm too.

a toasty warm autumn 173

a toasty warm autumn 182

Even though it is fall, if you look closely enough you might still be able to find a few blossoms blooming.  Gina made a small bouquet with the blossoms she found.  A pretty blue silk bow is attached to the bouquet along with an elastic cord to help the Little Darlings hold it in their cute little hands.

a toasty warm autumn 189

a toasty warm autumn 212

The fine wale cotton corduroy dress can be dressed up with jewelry and a hair bow.

a toasty warm autumn 208

Most of the fullness in this drop waisted dress is towards the back and sides which give a bustled look to the back of the skirt.

The squirrels here in northern Illinois have been so busy collecting acorns that it got me thinking that I had better get busy with some cool weather wear.  What do you think?  Will it be another cold fall/winter?

For more information on this set please visit my website.

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