A Visit to the Chicago Botanic Gardens

I’ve professed my love for the Chicago Botanic Gardens in a previous post.  Well, we finally made it there today for the first time this year.   Since we usually only get there once a year, it’s interesting to mix up the visits as to the time of year.  At the end of the summer the vegetable garden is in it’s full glory and it is massive.  I kept saying to my daughter, “I wish I lived here.”  Today they had a little farmer’s market too, and we were able to buy some of the vegetables grown at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  Yum!

botanic gardens 017

As we were walking through the apple orchard we noticed that the trees were bare of fruit, like our apple tree in our backyard.  I wrote about our apple tree last year and took pictures of Amelia Thimble climbing around in it.  Well, this sign told us why.

botanic gardens 128

I looked up and took this picture of the grapes growing above out heads in the arbor, so pretty against the blue sky.  I wanted to pick a bunch and start munching on them, but didn’t…

botanic gardens 134

I brought my Pukipuki Sugar and Izzy with me.  We found a pink rosebush that happened to be in the shade while we were still in the vegetable garden.  Sugar climbed up and I got a picture of her.  The roses match her dress so nicely.

botanic gardens 139

In the walled English Garden I took a few pictures of Izzy and Sugar under a tree with dappled shade.

botanic gardens 077

botanic gardens 103

Then they each wanted to climb a tree.  🙂  Hang on tight!

botanic gardens 106

botanic gardens 121

Here are a few more pictures of some things we saw today.



botanic gardens 027

botanic gardens 052

botanic gardens 038

  Hope your day was as beautiful as ours was here in Illinois.

6 thoughts on “A Visit to the Chicago Botanic Gardens

  1. Sharon in Spain x

    What a lovely lot of photos, glad you had such a nice day out! It certainly looks like an attractive place to visit and the girls obviously had lots of fun!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x


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