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My Favorite Doll Books

holly ivy surprise doll covers 047

When I go into a bookstore I almost always browse through the childrens books looking for delightful illustrations.  Illustrated childrens books are one of my favorite things and if it is a sweet story that includes dolls I am hooked.  I only have two in my collection, but am always looking for more.

The Story of Holly and Ivy by Rumer Godden was originally published in Ladies’ Home Journal in 1957.  In 1985, illustrations were added to the story and this is the book that I discovered at my local library years ago.  After checking it out for a few years in a row at Christmastime I wanted my own copy.  Lucky for me it was republished in 2006.  It is now in my collection and one I look through every Christmas season.  I love the magical old world story and looking at the cozy illustrations by Barbara Cooney.

holly ivy 045

holly ivy 046

The other doll book in my collection is one that I had as a child and loved so much.  I forgot about this book, but stumbled upon it online recently.  Seeing the cover of this book on the internet brought back a flood of memories that made me want to add this to my collection as well.  The Surprise Doll was originally published in 1949, but published again in 2009.

surprise doll 044

surprise doll 042

surprise doll 041

surprise doll 043

Do you have any favorite sweet doll books to share?  Please let me know if you do.  I would LOVE to hear about your favorites.