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Something (New) for the Little Darlings

Have you ever had a project that just didn’t seem to get totally and completely finished, which for me means getting it onto my website?  “Cozy & Bright” for the Little Darlings is “it” for me.  This outfit was made and I even took some photos way back….yes, before I went on vacation…in the summer!!!  When I got back from vacation I felt this frenzy to make fall outfits, then Christmas outfits, then some Valentine’s Day outfits.  Which brings me to where I am right now.  I thought that if this poor ensemble for our Little Darlings didn’t get on my website now the Easter and spring season would push this one aside once again.

So without further ado here is Gina (finally) modeling her “Cozy & Bright” outfit for you.

And, no, it doesn’t look like this outside now.  I wish…!

cozy and bright 738

cozy and bright 753

cozy and bright 747

cozy and bright 703

cozy and bright 710

cozy and bright 694

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A Sunny Day

Well, I’m calling it a sunny day because the sun was out for about an hour this afternoon.  It has been such a cloudy winter that one hour of sun cannot go unnoticed, can it? I was sitting in my studio finishing up a cardigan for Talyssa when the latent sun made it’s fleeting appearance.

Anyway, cloudy days are a good thing since Groundhog Day is 8 days away.  Besides, I don’t think there have been many days in either December or January that the groundhog would have seen his shadow here in northern Illinois.  Will spring be early or has winter not really started yet?

I’m counting on an early spring…a very early spring!  How about you?

Here is Amelia Thimble modeling her “sunny” yellow dress/hat set which is just perfect for today’s bit of sun.  The knit dress has an embroidered wreath of roses encircling the dropped waistline and her crocheted hat keeps the sun out of her eyes.

a sunny day 608

a sunny day 621

a sunny day 625

a sunny day 612

a sunny day 639

Amelia is making friends with one of the stuffed “studio” bunnies.  Maybe she’s hoping that this one is the Easter Bunny.

a sunny day 628

Buttering up the bunny! Kiss! Kiss!

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Cozy Sweater Dress Weather Continues

Sweater Dress weather continues here in northern Illinois.  While it is snowy and cold outside I love to sit in front of a warm fire with a cup of tea, coffee, or cappuccino and knit little dresses and sweaters that will be made into pretty ensembles for one of my girls (dolls).  I love the simplicity of a sweater dress and the large area it presents for embellishment.  It is like a blank canvas waiting  to be painted upon.

cozy hugs for you 545Kaye Wiggs Millie is the perfect little model for a sweater dress.  She is only 11″ tall with a slender body so I can nip in the waistline a bit and give the skirt a slight flare and it is very flattering on her.  This sweater dress started out with a pair of printed tights that I ended up not using, but they gave me a starting place for picking  the color palette.  I ended up using more floss colors than I usually do for the embroidering on this dress.  Each rose uses a different set of colors and the tiny hearts are embroidered in one of three slightly different shades of red.  The slight variation in color makes a more interesting piece, I think.  I am so happy when I learn a little something new.

cozy hugs for you 5566

cozy hugs for you 5569

The Peruvian Highland wool yarn is a heathered pink color with tiny bits of red orange and magenta mixed in with shades of pink.

cozy hugs for you 5555

The tassel on Millie’s slouch hat is made with various colors and weights of yarn.

cozy hugs for you 5552

cozy hugs for you 5561

cozy hugs for you 5557

For more information on Millie’s “Cozy Hugs for You” ensemble please visit my “Available for Sale” page on .