Daily Archives: January 22, 2015

Mid Winter Floral Imagining

It’s no surprise that I LOVE flowers, right?  I embroider them on my doll clothes and gravitate towards floral fabrics.  Even when I designed cross stitch patterns my patterns were of flowers.

From when I was very young I loved flowers and there are even photos to prove it.  Here are two pictures of me smelling the roses (or trying to).  You’ll notice in one picture I have a death grip on my Barbie doll.  Yes, my passions started young.

1962 cindy

1964 06 In the middle of winter when I would love to meander through a garden it helps me to look at photos of gardens (Pinterest is great for this) or simply create my own flowers with embroidery thread.  It is easy to imagine the sweet scent of the roses I am creating.

Amelia Thimble has a little dress and hat set to show you today.  It is sprinkled with softly colored embroidered pastel flowers.

pastel blossoms 571

pastel blossoms 573

pastel blossoms 590

Amelia wants to know if you can smell the flowers too.

pastel blossoms 582

For more information on Amelia Thimble’s “Pastel Blossoms” set please visit the “Available for Sale” page on cindyricedesigns.com .