Daily Archives: January 26, 2015

A Sunny Day

Well, I’m calling it a sunny day because the sun was out for about an hour this afternoon.  It has been such a cloudy winter that one hour of sun cannot go unnoticed, can it? I was sitting in my studio finishing up a cardigan for Talyssa when the latent sun made it’s fleeting appearance.

Anyway, cloudy days are a good thing since Groundhog Day is 8 days away.  Besides, I don’t think there have been many days in either December or January that the groundhog would have seen his shadow here in northern Illinois.  Will spring be early or has winter not really started yet?

I’m counting on an early spring…a very early spring!  How about you?

Here is Amelia Thimble modeling her “sunny” yellow dress/hat set which is just perfect for today’s bit of sun.  The knit dress has an embroidered wreath of roses encircling the dropped waistline and her crocheted hat keeps the sun out of her eyes.

a sunny day 608

a sunny day 621

a sunny day 625

a sunny day 612

a sunny day 639

Amelia is making friends with one of the stuffed “studio” bunnies.  Maybe she’s hoping that this one is the Easter Bunny.

a sunny day 628

Buttering up the bunny! Kiss! Kiss!

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