Daily Archives: April 15, 2015

How’s Spring Shaping Up?

It is coming along very nicely here in northern Illinois.  Although most trees are still look pretty bare, our magnolia trees have started blooming.  We have a few white blossoming trees in the front of our house and a magnolia tree that produces pink blossoms in the back around our deck.  These blossoms are short-lived so I’ve been cutting  branches to bring inside to enjoy them more.

magnolia in vase 720

Also, today while driving, I noticed clumps of yellow daffodils blooming along the sides of a two lane road.  These clumps appeared quite frequently for a mile or two.  They were a wonderful surprise!  I couldn’t help but wonder who would have planted them there as they didn’t seem to be on private property.  I wanted to stop and pick a bunch, but of course I didn’t.  I picked up a bunch at Trader Joe’s instead.

How is spring shaping up by you?