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This Past Week & A New Dress for Millie

I’m so glad that last week has passed.  Here in northern Illinois, we had such dreary weather practically the whole week and then horrible storms Thursday night.  Mother Nature even managed to deliver more rain to us yesterday.  I felt my mood going downhill with each progressing day last week, and it was affecting my creativity.  I felt like I was going through the motions of creating without any excitement towards my work.  Today was a blessing, warm and sunny…*sigh*.   Finally!!!

I got outside today to see how spring is progressing around our house.  It is slow, but there are some new things to see.  Most notable is the color of the grass—a beautiful emerald green—thanks to all of the rain we got this past week.  Other lovely happenings outside include the magnolia trees starting to bloom, the crocuses finishing their blooming, the daffodils starting to bloom, and the teeny tiny buds becoming visible on the bushes.  It’s a wonder to observe the changing seasons.

magnolia 644

budding magnolia 659

daffodils 0645

tulips 657

pachysandra 641

budding spring 661

I love knit dresses, even in the warmer weather.  This past week, I adapted Millie’s wool dress pattern for knitting with a lighter weight bamboo.  The first try came out too long and not flared enough, so I made some small changes and tried again.  This time I got it right; it fits her shape perfectly.  She is such a cutie pie!  I finished her outfit today and took the pictures.  Since I still had Izzy and Amelia Thimble’s rose garden dresses, I was able to get the three BJD girls together for some photos, and boy, do they look precious together!

wip 557

millie amelia 613

millie amelia izzy 618

spring's sweetheart 607

spring's sweetheart 587

spring's sweetheart 583For more information on Millie’s “Spring’s Sweetheart” ensemble, please visit my “Available for Sale” page on cindyricedesigns.com (after 7:00pm CST on Sunday, April 12).  Amelia Thimble and Izzy’s sets are available for sale right now on my “Available for Sale” page.