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On Making Sweater Dresses

Oh, how I wish I were a faster knitter!  My favorite things to make for dolls are sweater dresses and out of all of the pieces I knit, sew, and crochet they take the longest.  So, so many stitches, and the finer the gauge the more stitches that are needed to complete the dress.

I could probably knit 3-4 sweaters in the time it takes to knit ONE dress, oh, but I LOVE them so.  Who knows why!  A beautiful doll in a hand knit and embroidered dress is the sweetest sight to me.

This bamboo dress I just made for the Little Darlings is knit on smaller needles than what I normally use for my bamboo sweaters.  I thought it would need a tighter gauge to keep all of these stitches in shape.  Anyway, it took “a while” to knit so I quickly counted up my stitches, 10,000+.  That’s a lot of knitting!

Once I had (finally) finished knitting the sweater dress it wasn’t time to celebrate even though I felt that I should.  I had a blank canvas staring at me.  Unlike embroidering a sweater to coordinate with a dress I had nothing to go on, only my imagination and a lot of real estate.  Where to put the embroidery?  What colors to use?  I was tempted to procrastinate as I wasn’t really sure where to start.  But, no, nothing gets done then, except maybe a lot of snacking and who needs that?

Start with what you know has become my mantra whenever I feel like a little procrastination and snacking is in order.  I knew I wanted pink roses centered on the front bodice so I embroidered those on first.  After embroidering the pink roses under the neckline, the rest of the design and color palette came together quickly.  🙂  It’s funny how the hardest part is starting something where the end result is unknown.

springtime roses 858

springtime roses861

springtime roses 2 025

springtime roses 028

springtime roses 031

springtime roses 036

springtime roses 044

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