This Past Week’s Odds & Ends

Mother’s Day came and went so fast.  Weather-wise, we had a doozy of a day:  cold, damp, dark, and foggy—the entire day.  No one wanted to do anything.  I didn’t even feel like creating for my dolls, and that hardly ever happens.  I guess that’s what those kind of days can do to you.

My husband and daughter secretly bought flowers and planted a large planter and two hanging baskets for me.  They are so sweet.  They remembered my absolute favorite flower for planters as well, lobelias.  I love these tiny trailing flowers so much.  Lobelias are the white and dark purple tiny blossoms.  They also planted trailing tiny petunias, moss roses, and snapdragons in a rainbow of colors.

flower basket 367

flower basket 359

flower planter 350The feral cat that hangs around was patiently waiting for breakfast while I took pictures this morning.

kitty 357We cannot touch this kitty; if we put our hand out she will bat (and scratch) us, but she will get fairly close to us.  When we moved into this house 7 years ago, she wouldn’t let us even look at her.  She comes around most days and has someplace to go when the weather is bad.  We know this because the fur on her back gets trimmed by something she climbs under.  It must be a tight fit.  Since she has a corner of her ear clipped off, she probably was trapped and taken in for spaying years ago.  There is a feral cat colony that a couple of ladies take care of down the block.  We think that this kitty may not have gotten along with them and went out on her own.

crabapple tree 372Our crab apple tree is in its glory right now.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Our magnolia that I showed you (here) now is all leaves and the tiny honeysuckle to the right of it only has a few blossoms left.  We still have a set of lilac bushes yet to bloom and another bush that blooms with light pink flowers.  I don’t know what it is.  I will share a photo of it and maybe someone can help me identify it.  🙂

magnolia 378Earlier in the week I went to reorder my bamboo thread and discovered that it is being discontinued.  What???!!!  There is nothing else out there to substitute for it, and it is the perfect weight and fiber for summery sweaters and dresses.

Well, I searched for what I needed (and lots more to make sure that I would never ever run out), and placed a couple of orders.  This is what arrived!  My husband asked me if I was opening a store.  LOL!

Does this make me a hoarder?

bamboo stash 348

wip 5-14-15 349What I’ve been working on this week… yesterday’s photo.

wip 5-15-15 385

And today, I embroidered the cardigan.  Any guesses as to who this is for?  (The piece of lace knitting doesn’t go with the dress, hat, or cardigan set.)

I didn’t have the right color of ribbon or fabric for this ensemble, so I dyed rayon ribbon and some Lycra knit tonight.  I hope to get this outfit finished up this weekend, I hope…

dyed ribbon 386

You all have a fabulous weekend!

8 thoughts on “This Past Week’s Odds & Ends

  1. Jane Miller

    Love your yellow and white petunias!

    Believe it or not, we have a feral cat that lives inside our house…she was a barn kitten that got really sick and we nursed her back to health in the house. She never went back outside, but happily lives with us even ‘tho she won’t let us come near her! We named her Fairlight.

    How is the Aunt Lidia’s bamboo yarn working for you? Your work is so beautiful!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Jane, Wow! That IS unbelievable that you have a feral cat living indoors with you. Maybe because she was sick and you took care of her let her know it is okay. Love the name you gave her too. I think the kitty around here would go crazy if inside. She is very careful to never get backed against a wall or in a corner.
      I love the Aunt Lydia’s bamboo thread and am sorry it is being discontinued. It knits up in a fine gauge, so it is perfect for dolls. It is stretchy like wool, has a sheen, and takes embroidery very nicely. The only thing I couldn’t do with it is dye it; when it is very wet it gets pulpy like wet paper.
      Thank you for the compliment on my work, Jane. Have a great weekend!

  2. Catherine

    Thank you very much for the beautiful photos!
    I love lobelias too! Your husband and your daughter are very adorable!
    Your cat is lovely! I feet a feral cat since 12 years! She accepts hugs, but refuses to install at home.
    Congratulations for storage, it’s very beautiful!
    Have a nice week-end! Warm regards.

  3. Cindy Rice Post author

    Hi Catherine. How sweet that your feral will let you hug her. She must have had a human experience when young. I read that if a kitten does not know humans at a young age, she will never trust them. That is sad, isn’t it? There are so many humans that take care of the feral cats. You have a great weekend as well, Catherine!

  4. Barbara Pratt

    Cindy, I can’t express well my admiration for your designs! I downloaded your free American Girl cardigan a month or so ago and am now knitting my 5th sweater from your pattern. I have 2 American Girl dolls (Kit and Samantha) and so many more other dolls too numerous to count, but probably nearing 100 dolls of various kinds). But right now, I am completely obsessed with the AG dolls. I have been looking on Pinterest at all your Little Darlings too (I think that’s what they are called) and have fallen in love with all those doll’s outfits also. I am attempting to learn bullion rose embroidery so I can adorn some of the cardigans with them. I have embroidered a lot over the years but this is bringing me back to that art form again. I have enough embroidery thread to carry me through to the next century (LOL) and quite a bit of silk ribbon for embroidery too (which now is practically non-existent in today’s craft and fabric stores. I am a designer of bead knitted purses and several years ago, Hobby Lobby carried my patterns. If you look at the website I listed here ( you can see my patterns ( a friend’s website). I just had to tell you how you have inspired me. Thank you for your beautiful design and inspiration.

  5. Cindy Rice Post author

    Hi Barbara, You are so sweet to let me know how much you enjoy my AG pattern. Aren’t cardigans fun in miniature? I love the American Girl dolls too, but haven’t made much for them yet. Mary Corbet has a video showing how to make bullion stitched roses. Here is the link:
    Maybe it will help you get started.
    I wanted to see your patterns, but the link didn’t work and nothing came up when I typed in aryhonel.
    Thanks so much for your compliments on my work. Good luck with your embroidery.


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