“Summer Flowers for You” Modeled by Millie

My Kaye Wiggs Millie has a bouquet of summer flowers just for you.  She is all ready for summer and all the fun it brings.  Her new ensemble is filled with red, white, and blue flowers on a background of light reddish pink.  Her blonde hair, blue eyes and sunkissed skin tone complete the summery look.

summer flowers for you 303Will you accept Millie’s bouquet of flowers?

summer flowers for you 286

summer flowers for you b 343

Millie’s cropped cardigan sweater is knit with pure white bamboo and embroidered to coordinate with the flowers and colors in her dress.

summer flowers for you 297

summer flowers for you 330

summer flowers for you 307

For more information on Millie’s new summertime ensemble please visit my “Available for Sale” page on cindyricedesigns.com .


10 thoughts on ““Summer Flowers for You” Modeled by Millie

  1. Jeanne

    Oh Cindy,
    There is sweet Millie again… I love to see her model your things. She looks adorable in this set. I like the buttons spaced out on her sweater and the way you embroidered the flowers too. Your color combinations are “spot on!”
    On your previous post, you showed all your yarn that you bought. The same thing happened to me… only it was a wired ribbon that I use for Colonial and Civil War dresses! Hobby was discontinuing the ribbon and there was nothing else like it. I bought all they had…so I’m probably set for life.
    I just added some comments on Gina’s last dress. I had posted my comments a few days ago, but when I went back to see them, they weren’t there. Maybe I forgot to hit “post comment.”
    You’ve been busy and it’s such wonderful little things that you create! I love seeing them all.
    Blessings, Jeanne

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Jeanne. We are secretly hoarders, aren’t we? LOL This was my first red, white, and blue fabric. It works for the July 4th holiday, but looks fine before and afterwards too. When I was little I wanted everything red, white, and blue to wear in the summertime. I remember that so well.
      I think once I forgot to hit the post comment button when I was writing to you too.
      Thanks for your comments!

  2. Catherine

    Beautiful set, I love it!
    Thank you very much for all the happiness you give us with your creations!
    Warm regards.

  3. Jevne

    So delicate and pretty, Cindy. One thing I have noticed since I’ve been reading your blog, when I go to your website the ‘outfit of the day’ is already sold! Congratulations!

  4. Cindy Rice Post author

    Thanks so much, Jevne. Sometimes that makes my dolls sad, but for the most part they are happy for their doll friends to get a new outfit. It always makes me happy to share what I create too. 🙂


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