Vintage Glassware & Cute Things

I was looking through my photos and found that I still have quite a few more photos from our trip to the Volo Antique Mall in December.  My first and second post are here and here.  I love vintage glassware, and if you do too, then I hope you enjoy these photos.  I also love little glass animals and such, tchotchkes.  Enjoy!

volo antiques glass 606

volo antiques glass 604

volo antiques glass 594

volo antiques glass 553

volo antiques glass 543

volo antiques glass 544

volo antiques glass 540

volo antiques glass 541

volo antiques glass 530

volo antiques glass 4354

volo antiques glass 567

volo antiques glass 552

volo antiques glass 527

volo antiques glass 612

volo antiques glass 568

volo antiques glass 590

volo antiques glass 532

volo antiques glass 531

Thanks for visiting!  Bye for now!

5 thoughts on “Vintage Glassware & Cute Things

  1. Joy

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful vintage glass photos. I have a collection of white hobnail pieces and similar green with clear stem glasses that were my mother’s. So fun to pick out pieces that I recognize. The vintage pyrex measuring cup, I use mine all the time. Ha. Think I’m getting to be vintage too.
    More rain here in CA today. Happy for that.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      White hobnail is so pretty. I have a collection of those green pieces too. Mine are more like sherbet bowls though. I have a weakness for colored glassware.

      I think it was last year when the vintage pieces at the antique mall started to be things that I grew up with instead of things that my mom or grandma would have had. We are all getting vintage, aren’t we!

      Glad you are getting your much needed rain. Thank you, Joy, so nice to hear from you!

  2. Susette

    I enjoyed seeing all the antiques. I used my Royal Doulton (I sound like Hyacinth on “As Times Goes By”) Authors series dishes from the 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair, bought by a great uncle, antique glassware I got in Indiana and little Dickens houses set for the centerpiece at Christmas. Love dishes and anything for table setting. I have a dollhouse with lots of furniture and, of course, the sewing room items. Wish I could send you a picture of the table setting. I really liked your little houses. Thanks for the post.

  3. Cindy Rice Post author

    Hi Susette,
    Looking at older pieces bring back so many memories for all of us, they are a visual link to the past. So glad you’ve enjoyed my photos. I still have one more bunch from our visit. I’d love to see your photo. I’ll try and send you an email, so you can email me back with an attachment if you’d like.

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