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This Week

Happy Saturday to you all!  I don’t have doll outfits to show you today, sorry.  I should have at least three by the end of next week, maybe more.

I do have some photos of works in progress and photos of a few “detours from work”, such as this pile of old cards that I dug out of my memories box.  Lately, and due in part to Pinterest, I have developed this nostalgia for vintage illustration.  Not only are these cards vintage, but they are from my loved ones, so are even more special.  (So glad I kept them!)  I even found a signature from my great grandma.  I long forgot how she would sign her name.  And, many are from my younger siblings before they had their own families; they would give a card together from the three of them, so long ago…

cards 605

bird feeder 637

The sun was coming up so beautifully this morning.  I went outside with my camera to see if I could capture the rising sun’s golden glow and long shadows.  I found our bird feeder empty and looking a bit ravaged.  Raccoons?  I think they are the only ones who could knock the tray down.  I know that the squirrels are mostly responsible for emptying the feeder.  They sit there, sometimes one on each side, for the longest time, and eat and eat.

02-23-16 588I dyed some rayon ribbon this week.  It took a few tries to get the right shade and then I ended up using a previously dyed piece.  Oh, well!

02-23-16 590

Earlier in the week some of these pieces were in progress.  Patience is now dressed in her dress and sweater ensemble.  She’s looking very cute, I might add.  The pink sweater (for Talyssa and/or Gracie) has been blocked and is waiting for embroidery.  The little yellow dress for Pukipuki is also waiting to be embroidered.

02-23-16 581

Another mid week shot of my work space.

02-24-16 602

That’s all I have for today.  Hope all of you have a relaxing weekend.  Bye for now!


Welcome Gracie!

Months ago I preordered my first 18″ MSD Kaye Wiggs doll from Jpop Dolls.  Gracie was a new sculpt of Kaye’s and her beautiful face stole my heart.  She was available in two resin colors:  natural and sunkissed, three body sizes:  17″ (Talyssa, Mei Mei), 18″, and Toby size.  I chose the sunkissed resin on the 18″ body.

I decided on the sunkissed resin because, for me, it is easier to photograph and looks great with everything.  My Millie is sunkissed and Talyssa is natural resin, so I’ve had a chance to compare the two.  Kaye’s sunkissed color is actually the same value as a Little Darling, so it is not dark at all.  If you’d like to see both you can view my slideshow for each doll on my website.  Here is Millie and here is Talyssa’s slideshow (you can click on the slideshow photos to see more of that particular ensemble if you’d like).  What do you think?

Gracie arrived last Friday!  I didn’t have any clothes for her to wear, but that didn’t stop me from taking some photos of her with her new “sister”, Talyssa.  Please excuse the nude shots.  I thought it was okay because they are dolls after all.  (lol)  Gracie and Talyssa became fast friends, just like Gina and Lucy, my Little Darlings, did last November.  You can see Lucy’s welcome photos here.

gracie talyssa 563

I was so happy to receive brown eyes for Gracie, my first!  I put Talyssa in her natural (the color she arrived in) eye color.  Both girls wear 8″-9″ sized wigs and 15mm(Eyeco platinum)-16mm eyes, so can share.  I’m hoping they can share clothes as well.  I am currently making an ensemble using Talyssa’s patterns, so we will see if any adjustments are needed.

gracie talyssa 566

Gracie and Talyssa are both standing for these photos, so you can see the slight height difference.  Their resin colors are very close in value.

gracie talyssa 546

For those of you interested in preordering Penny who is now available in tan, but aren’t sure about the tan resin, here is what I found out about the tan resin from Jpop Dolls.  Kaye’s sunkissed resin color is only used for her dolls; tan Penny is a little darker and not as warm in hue.  If you know the old Sasha dolls (sorry, I don’t) tan Penny is lighter than those.  They mentioned that this tan resin is not dark at all compared to other tans that they use.

Hope your week is off to a great start!  Are you as AMAZED as I am that this is the last week of February? Spring is right around the corner!  Yay!

Bye for now, reader friends.

A Few Florida Photos for Fun, and a Reminder…

Happy Saturday to you all.  I wanted to share a few photos with you that I took while in Florida last week.  My parents have quite a few pink hibiscus growing around their house.  They are such a beautiful shade of pink and there were a few blossoms at their peak.  I snapped a photo of this blossom and caught a couple of bees at work.

hibiscus 428

The sun came out for the photo below, so the shadows are have sharper edges.

hibiscus 433

My mom, daughter, sisters, niece, and I love to feed the squirrels peanuts, so we have a couple of pretty tame ones that will come and sit on the stoop outside of my parents’ patio door.  They will sit up on their hind legs with their front paws curled in front of their snow white bellies and look in the window.  I named them Mr. Bushy Tail and Mr. Skinny Tail, although I think one is a she.

I often wondered where they slept as I saw no nests in the trees like our midwest squirrels sleep in.  One day my daughter and niece noticed a squirrel napping in the space that the old palm fronds created where they had grown from the trunk . It was adorable how it fit perfectly, a squirrel bed made by Mother Nature.

squirrel palm tree 451

Isn’t it the cutest little thing!

squirrel palm tree 447

Just to let you know, I won’t be sending out a post tonight at 7:00 pm, CST to remind you  about the three Amelia Thimble and Pukipuki sets that will be available for sale on my website, so set your timer if you want to remember.  Ha ha… (that’s what I would need to do, but I’m sure your memory is better than mine).  You can see a few photos of the sets here.

Thank you for reading along.  Bye for now!