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Thank You All So Much

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for the support and condolences since my last post about my dad passing.  It helps more than you could possibly know, so thank you so very much.  Even if you didn’t leave a comment, thank you for reading my post.  My dad will continue to live on in my heart.

One of my last dear memories of my dad was from this past December when he commented on how he visited my blog and got caught up as to what I was doing and making; he said he was proud of me.  I’ll never forget the fact that he took the time to see what I was doing even though dolls held no interest for him.  He was such a dear!

When I got home on Wednesday I had two new packets of goodies to have fun with:  four new wigs and three sets of eyes.  Right away I had to try something on Penny.  Here she is  wearing a Kemper Giselle wig in blonde and Eyeco platinum eyes in Lady Blue.  I wasn’t sure of the shade of blonde this wig would actually be; it’s the same color as Helen Kish’s Riley doll’s hair!  The eyes are a deep blue violet, really pretty.  I guess one of my favorite new pastimes is giving Penny a new look, she looks cute so many ways.

penny 463

Yesterday I embroidered a mohair cardigan for the Little Darlings.  I’ve had this sweater knit since my last trip to Florida and had made the dress when I got home in mid January.  Most likely this ensemble will go on record for taking the longest to complete.  As of Friday afternoon, it still isn’t finished.

02-18-15 464

Today, I did a little straightening up in my sewing room and found a couple of things for Amelia Thimble and Izzy , and my Pukipuki’s first dress that I made for her.  I was in the mood for something lighthearted and cutesy, so I had a little photo shoot with them.

little rose garden 525

Amelia Thimble wanted to play with my music box gramophone ( a vintage piece from my grandma).  She had no idea what a gramophone was, so I had to explain it to her.  Amelia thought that the ‘funnest’ part was when her teddy bear got a ‘ride’ on the record.

tiny roses abloom 488

Little Izzy loves her super soft floor puppy pillow.  Oh, and there’s that silly rabbit again; he’s always trying to photobomb every photo.

cottage roses 516

These three ensembles will be for sale at special prices ( on Saturday night, 7:00 pm, CST.

Thanks for reading my blog; bye for now!

Back in My Studio Again

Hello my dear reader friends.  It’s been a long week away… yet again.  My dad passed away last week, and so, I was with my family.  I had actually planned on visiting my dad as he wasn’t doing well, but upon touching down in Florida I got a feeling, which proved to be true.  He passed the night before.  Since I had such an early flight no one wanted to tell me the news until I got there.  It’s funny, but I had no idea, no feeling, until we landed.  And then, it was like a veil was lifted, and I knew.  It is still so sad to talk about, but I  wanted to share with why I’ve been away.

Here’s a photo of my dad, with my brother and I, taken in the mid 1960’s.  You can see how much we loved our daddy.

1966 004

I may be a little slow getting back to normal with my dolly things, but I am sure going to try.  I was playing around a little today with Penny and some new wigs and eyes that arrived while I was away; that was fun.

Thanks for reading.  Bye for now.

The Past Seven (or so) Days

I’ve been hogging the limelight with new ensembles all week long, so here are some casual shots from the week that you might enjoy looking at.

As you can see, I am still in a pink mood.  Aren’t all of these pink rose prints lovely?  A couple are new and three of them were used last year, but I still have LOTS more to make more dresses with.  I like laying them out in a little collection for a few days.

pink roses fabric 376

The peach pink rose print pictured above is being made into a dress to go with this cardigan for Patience.

knit cardi 369

After my last couple of embroidery projects I was left with quite a mess.  It’s all cleaned up now, but I’ve begun a new mess. 😳

floss 370

dress 378

Here is Lucy’s dress in progress.  You are looking at the wrong side that’s why it is looking so washed out.  It is a lilac-y pink rose print.  Here is Lucy wearing the dress.  One of the mohair sweaters that I knit in January will be embroidered to go with this dress.

I needed a little bit of cheering up on this dreary Monday morning; Lucy did the trick.

lucy 396

lucy 405

lucy 392

Lucy borrowed the carrot red mohair wig from Penny and wears it quite well too.  I’m not sure who wears it better.  Below is a picture of Penny during our photo shoot for “Pretty in Purples”.

penny 362

Bye for now!  Have a great week!