Back in My Studio Again

After three weeks of not stepping foot inside of my studio, I am back this morning.  I talked about my absence here.  I’ve missed my space, and being surrounded with all of my supplies used for creating cute things.  When I opened the door to my studio for the first time this year, I felt all of the possibilities surrounding me, a sweet feeling.  I took a deep breath and thought how good it feels to be home.

2016 studio 924

So, in addition to being back in my studio, I am back in the cold and snow.  It’s okay, though, I enjoyed many nice winter walks in southern Florida.

january 921

We had quite a few cloudy and cool days in Florida.  This was one of the few “blue sky days”.

january florida 2263

I included this preserve on my walking route.  Isn’t it pretty?

january florida 2302

january florida 2265

january florida 2264

It looks wintery, but the temperature isn’t at all, it’s so mild.

While in Florida we had tornado warnings and watches… and no basement.  Most homes have basements in Illinois, so I felt a bit vulnerable not having anywhere but a closet or bathroom to take shelter in.

january florida 2298

This little guy seemed tame and so cute!  I was sorry I didn’t have a couple of peanuts for him.

january florida 2293

Okay, back to my studio.  I hope to get Gina’s sweater dress finished today!

Hope you enjoy your day no matter where you are, cold, hot, or inbetween.

Bye for now!


15 thoughts on “Back in My Studio Again

  1. Catherine

    Very glad you’re back!
    The road you traversed was very pretty! You have met an adorable squirrel!
    Welcome back in your studio! See you soon again!
    Have a good week!

  2. Pennie

    Beautiful preserve and photos to show it. Love little squirrels. Glad you are all settled back in to your studio. Looks so cozy!

  3. Joy

    Hopefully, you didn’t bring any of those awful python’s home with you from Florida! Although the nature area did look lovely. I can see from your studio photo how nice it must be to be home. Looks so inviting, especially with your cold weather. Just a note, my latest Snow Village piece arrived this morning. “The Playhouse.” Really needed that one. 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      Ha ha. I only say a small black garden snake slithering in the grass in the back yard. As for the preserve I saw a deer one morning and the squirrel another day, that’s it. It is cold here, but I missed the coldest weather, unless it comes back. Congrats on you new Snow Village piece, that’s a cute one!

  4. Lisa

    Glad you are back in your studio; I love the beautiful creations you make. I must ask: Where did you get the drawers that in your “bookshelves” on the right-hand side of your studio photo?

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Lisa,
      Thank you so much. Those are DMC embroidery floss cubes. Each cube has 3 plastic drawers. I removed the floss organizer tray from each drawer and they make great storage pieces for all of my little pieces… and you can see everything too. There are some on ebay.

  5. practice925

    Cindy, I love the path photos you got with all the trees. Such a great nature shot. They look cool and brisk next to your cozy studio shot. I love seeing artists studios. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Heather,
      That is such a pretty walk through the preserve, short but sweet. I was amazed at how wintry it looked in the photos even though the climate is considered tropical. The tall trees were quite bare of leaves.


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